Emplify’s Agile Engagement Framework

From survey prep and delivery to analysis and ongoing consulting, we’re with you every step of the way to help you achieve the true employee engagement you’ve been waiting for.

Our Process

We’ve combined the strength of an annual survey with the frequency of quarterly check-ins and regular polls to arrive at a survey cadence that gives you the real-time insights you need to keep a pulse on your engagement. Plus, with a built-in engagement expert in your arsenal, you’ll have an experienced guide who can deliver the “hard truths” and practical advice you need to hear in order to make a lasting impact.

1. Prepare for a Better Survey Experience

Help us set up your engagement to best meet your needs:

Provide your employee list and contact information.

Choose your preferred delivery method (email or SMS) based on how many of your employees have a company email address.

Segment by department, role, tenure, and more to get an accurate picture of engagement at multiple levels.

Better Survey Experience

2. Send the Survey

Previous survey administration hassles leave you on edge? Sit back, relax, and let Emplify handle everything from survey delivery to confidentially gathering data. Typically completed within seven to 10 minutes, Emplify’s survey is easy and convenient to take, helping us achieve an 85% average response rate.

Mobile Employee Engagement Survey

3. Scorecard Delivery and Results

Receive your survey results in weeks, not months, for the agility to act in the moment on the insights you’ve uncovered.

Dive deep to understand more than mere employee satisfaction with results that are based on three psychological conditions and 14 underlying drivers of engagement.

Pinpoint specific areas for improvement with results by department, seniority level, tenure, or other employee grouping that best fits your organization.

Emplify Scorecard

4. Drill Down for Deeper Insights

Armed with your Scorecard, you’ll have the data and confidence to ask deeper questions about problem areas within your organization. Need help? Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with more than 100 tailored questions you can use to drill down on specific employee groups and regularly poll them to better inform your strategy. Better yet, our engagement experts will hold you accountable with a playbook of best practices to take action on your results.

Emplify Score by Department

We Wrote the Book on Agile Engagement

We’re so passionate about providing leaders with people insights that we wrote a book about it. As experts in employee engagement, we’ve formulated and perfected an agile framework that keeps you nimble and informed for ongoing engagement.


See What Agile Engagement is All About

Unlock true engagement with an agile framework that delivers ongoing insights for the winning culture you’ve been dreaming about.

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