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Agile Engagement

Craft your company’s unique path to exceptional employee engagement



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About the book

Agile Engagement unveils a simple, yet powerful and proven methodology that can work for people leaders at any company of any size or industry. Rather than relying on subjective gut instincts to guide employee engagement strategy, you’ll learn how to quickly leverage a data-driven and continually-improving method to build a more connected, engaged workforce.

Drawing on real-world, modern examples from beloved company cultures across America, authors Santiago Jaramillo and Todd Richardson show how to replace instinct with data-driven insight and create more meaningful connections with your company, coworkers, and leaders.

Agile Engagement has brilliantly merged working strategies from various industries and transformed them into a definitive one-page Engagement Canvas and simple scoring model. Together, these tools capture the heart of evaluating and improving employee engagement in an uncomplicated, easy-to-use process. They work equally in real estate, manufacturing, technology, retail—and virtually every industry in between.

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“This was the first piece I have read that made the topic of employee engagement both something I understood and something that seemed attainable with the right strategy. The practical advice on how to approach engagement and craft a workable strategy was most useful.”
Amazon Reviewer of Agile Engagement

About the Authors

What happens when you combine a top-rated, nationally-awarded speaker, an employee expert, and a member of Inc. magazine’s 30 Under 30 “World’s Coolest Entrepreneur” list? You end up with Santiago Jaramillo, CEO of Emplify and a new breed of leadership bringing measurable meaning to the often baffling world of company culture and employee engagement.

Todd Richardson is a lifelong HR executive—and recovering labor attorney—known for leading culture and people initiatives as EVP at ExactTarget (and later, where he played a key role in ExactTarget’s $2.5 billion acquisition. A member of the Forbes Human Resources Council and winner of awards like the ABA Human Resources Executive of the Year, Todd founded Cadence Consulting (acquired by Emplify) to counsel hundreds of companies on effective engagement strategies.