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4 Tips for Managing Distributed Work Teams and Increasing Engagement


(March 9, 2017) – The nature of work is changing. And the truth is, many professions that involve hands-on work and face-to-face interactions just doesn’t leave much time for sorting through inboxes. In fact, 83% of non-desk workers—construction workers, sales staffers, field technicians, and the like—don’t even have access to company email.

The problem is that many of those same employees want to be more informed: 84% said they don’t get enough information from top management, and 75% said they aren’t updated enough on changes to policies and goals.

But distributed workers are consumers too. And consumers are more mobile than ever. A whopping 72% of Americans now own a smartphone.

If you really want to engage distributed employees, it’s clearly time to go mobile. With push messages, polls, and SMS authorization, it’s easier than ever to ensure everyone will receive important company information—wherever they’re located.


4 Ways to Engage Distributed Workers with Mobile


1. Make Information Accessible

If you solely rely on email to invite employees to complete surveys, it could be the cause of a low response rate. By using multiple methods to deliver those surveys, you can increase the chances that those who overlook your email will respond immediately to a text—and vice-versa. More importantly, SMS authorization allows you to make your private app available to remote workers who may not have an email.


Gather Feedback

2. Give Employees a Voice

Curious what your field-based and non-desk employees have to say, but don’t know how to easily and efficiently glean their feedback? Mobile makes it possible to gather this intel within seconds. By sharing quick polls via push notifications, employees are able to respond from any location at any time. You’ll not only get more abundant feedback, but also open the doors to a happier and more productive workforce by giving them a greater share of voice.


3. Celebrate Everyone

Let’s face it: Non-desk workers don’t always get the recognition that goes to more visible in-office colleagues. A mobile app makes it easy to help everyone at the organization feel more connected and appreciated. Even something as simple as celebrating a work anniversary or birthday can be accomplished by scheduling company-wide push messages that let coworkers know when it’s time to reach out with a personal note of congratulations or encouragement.


Employee Engagement Video

4. Connect Them With Leadership

Working in the field often means fewer opportunities to see and interact with upper management. Not so with mobile. The constant presence of smartphones means that executives—not to mention managers, supervisors, and team leads—have a way to share personalized videos and other content with anyone, at any time. Words of encouragement, policy updates, and thanks for a job well done are just a few of the many ways leadership can communicate via mobile.

By sharing important and compelling content in real time, instead of by email, even the most distributed workforce can be an engaged workforce.

Wondering if it’s time to offer your distributed workers more ways to engage? Take a look at our symptoms of a disengaged employee to find out!


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