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Activating a Company Vision: The Employee Perspective

Nicole MacLean
Nicole MacLean

Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about vision. Lois helped us debunk common myths about visioning. Adam told us his experience of going offsite and fully immersing in the vision exercise. And Gabby walked us through her process of executing a vision roll out.

In each of those posts, there was a common thread: employee activation. You can spend hours creating a vision, but until you put it in the hands of your employees, you’ll never achieve it. So, did our hours of roll-out planning and off-site executive sessions pay off for Emplify? In short, yes. But let’s hear it from Emplifiers first-hand:

Creating a lasting and positive impact

“The roll-out of Emplify’s vision was an incredible experience. As a quota-carrying individual contributor, daily tasks can feel like a grind. But after each vision meeting, I was left with a renewed and deeper understanding of why Emplify exists and how I contribute to that mission. It energized me. To keep this renewed drive, I decided to start each day reading our company vision, as well as the vision I wrote for myself (each Emplifier developed their own during the launch). This kept me hyper-focused on hitting my daily commitments, improving my performance, and supporting my team members.

While I know launching Emplify’s vision during a pandemic was challenging for our People Ops team, doing so has had a lasting and positive impact. After months of being physically disconnected, coming together and dedicating time to this common vision for our future united us in a powerful way. Although we’re apart from one another, we are still moving together in the same direction.” – Marcy, Emplify SDR

Intentional Investment

“This vision roll-out was the best I’ve experienced by far. Most exercises like this fail because many companies don’t connect with their history. Most fail because the vision doesn’t connect to the history of the company or because it’s not well thought out and prepared for. This vision was not only connected to our history but also clearly carefully thought out and robust enough to be the center of everything we do going forward. It had the weight needed to help us focus and the intentionality invested to make sure we all took it seriously and bought in.” – Brian, Emplify Director of Product

Focus on the future

“I was blown away by the vision launch. A couple of things about the vision really resonated with me—things I had already noticed starting to happen at Emplify—so it was great to have them defined and to know we’re working toward them in a purposeful way.

First, we’re committed to larger societal change around how people perceive work—that really speaks to me and I’m inspired to build this effort with every client I speak to.

The second is committing to be the best users of our own solution. We’re able to share in a transparent and vulnerable way what has worked well for us and what has missed the mark. Authenticity and transparency are extremely important to me, and if sharing our journey can help someone else, I’m all for it.

Also, it was nice to focus on the future, when I think a lot of people are pretty pessimistic right now—the news is bad every day. It’s so refreshing to focus on such a positive view of our company’s future, especially one that aligns so perfectly with my own personal values and vision.” – Monica, Emplify People Insight Consultant

It’s not just about defining the goal. It’s about creating the environment for your employees to achieve that goal and more. Our vision and its roll-out increased motivation, aligned our team, and sparked ingenuity. This is why our executives and People Ops team dedicated so much time to crafting the right vision.

Next week, we’ll wrap up our vision series by sharing some of the lessons we’ve learned during the process.

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