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Business Insider names Emplify Chief People Officer to List of Rising Stars in Human Resources


INDIANAPOLIS (March 9, 2020) – Emplify, an employee engagement measurement company, announced today that Business Insider has named Chief People Officer Adam Weber a 2020 Rising Star in HR. The list features human resources executives who are taking actionable steps to transform their company cultures.

Since Emplify’s own product seeks to help leaders improve employee engagement by collecting feedback to inform people and culture decisions, Weber is ahead of many of his peers in the industry wide shift from HR as an administrative role to a strategic function.

“The current state of HR is in need of massive disruption,” said Weber. “I want to help pave the way for that disruption to give other HR leaders permission and confidence to lead the people function of their businesses in a new, more strategic way.”

The first item on his agenda: make Emplify a laboratory to build a best-in-class culture while innovating on old processes, trying new things, and creating proven best practices to share with Emplify customers and its community of people leaders.

A recent Emplify survey found that one-third of respondents only meet one-on-one with their manager once per month or less, and one in ten almost never meet one-on-one with their manager. Weber has ensured that managers meet one-on-one with their direct reports every single week and implemented a company-wide “color system” for managers to get a quick pulse on how employees are doing. To ensure all people leaders within Emplify’s ranks are up-to-speed on the competencies that make for an effective manager, Weber is creating a curriculum for internal leadership training that will launch in 2020.

“I believe that, fundamentally, people are capable of far more than they think they are,” continued Weber. “I chose to pivot my career to HR because I wanted to spend all my time putting together programs and creating environments to help people unlock their full potential.”

Weber is a graduate of Ball State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in organizational communication.

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About Emplify
Emplify’s data-driven employee engagement improvement solution helps executives and HR leaders make better people decisions and improve business results. Informed by science and psychometrics, Emplify is the first to fuse a software platform, agile process, and expert human strategists into a data-proven employee engagement system — focused on achieving iterative business transformation through simple, actionable, and timely culture measurement and coaching. Emplify is trusted by leaders at top companies like Salesloft, Adaugeo and Ruoff Home Mortgage. Emplify was co-founded in 2015 by Santiago Jaramillo, bestselling author of Agile Engagement, and is backed by Edison Partners, Allos Ventures and Cultivation Capital. Emplify is based in Indianapolis, Ind., and is on a mission to help all people achieve their true potential at work.

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