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Customer Success Stories

How Custom Concrete Reduced Turnover by 25% on the Road to Becoming a Destination Employer

You’ve heard of destination hotels and destination retailers. But do you know what it means to be a destination employer? The leadership team at…

Read By Emplify on November 8, 2019
Customer Success Stories

How Focus on Employee Engagement Led to Reduction in Turnover and 24% Increase in Profits at Millwood

Chances are, wood pallets aren’t something you think about very often. But for the 1,600 people who work for Millwood Inc., America’s second-largest pallet…

Read By Nicole Klemp on October 2, 2019
Customer Success Stories

Emplify customer video series: Ontario Systems

Hear from Jill Lehman, Vice President and Chief People Officer at Ontario Systems, as she explains what makes the Emplify solution different, and how measuring…

Read By Nicole Klemp on July 30, 2019
Customer Success Stories

How Terminus Uses Emplify to Operationalize Employee Engagement

As a high-growth software company and the leader in account-based marketing solutions, Terminus has built a business around being data-driven. So to keep up with…

Read By Nicole Klemp on May 10, 2019
Customer Success Stories

How Vendini is Increasing Employee Engagement and Business Performance with Emplify

If you’ve ever bought or sold tickets to a concert, theater performance, comedy show, or any other live event, there’s a good chance you’ve used…

Read By Nicole Klemp on April 24, 2019
Customer Success Stories

North Pole Industries Boosts Toy Production by 25% with Emplify

This year, Emplify’s largest customer North Pole Industries — the world’s largest toy manufacturer and 2nd largest delivery service (behind Amazon) — saw a 25%…

Read By Nicole Klemp on December 12, 2018
Customer Success Stories

How Crew Carwash Delights Customers With an Engaged Workforce

This article originally appeared in the Indianapolis Business Journal.  Imagine you wake up tomorrow and more than half of your employees…

Read By Santiago Jaramillo on October 3, 2018
Customer Success Stories

How Leaders at California Closets are Hanging Their Hat on Employee Engagement

California Closets is an industry leader in premium and luxury space management, helping people transform their spaces with custom products and services for over 30…

Read By Nicole Klemp on August 23, 2018
Customer Success Stories

How Ontario Systems Reduced Employee Turnover Rate by 50% with Emplify

As a technology company with office locations spread across the U.S. — and 20% of their workforce working remotely — Ontario…

Read By Nicole Klemp on July 31, 2018
Customer Success Stories

How EWI Uses Employee Feedback to Engage a Distributed Workforce

Leading engineering and technology organization, EWI, is on a mission to bring innovative technology solutions to the manufacturing industry. The 35-year-old,…

Read By Nicole Klemp on June 13, 2018
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