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Improving Company Culture

COVID-19 Employee Engagement Resources

During the COVID-19 outbreak, all of us at Emplify want to offer our best resources to help leaders and employees navigate the engagement and well-being…

Read By Emplify on March 23, 2020
Company/Product News

Emplify launches free tool to help managers assess team well-being in light of COVID-19

INDIANAPOLIS (March 19, 2020) – Emplify, a data-driven employee engagement improvement company, today announced the launch of the first tool to help business…

Read By Emplify on March 19, 2020
Manager Success

5 (Practical) Cs for Leading in a Crisis

One of last week’s CEO Boot Camp attendees sent me an email Saturday that spurred me to write this quick one-pager on how to lead…

Read By Verne Harnish on March 16, 2020
Manager Success

7 Immediate Tips for Managing Your Newly Remote Team

Every day, more leaders are doing their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by enforcing a fully remote culture.

Read By Ian Illig on March 13, 2020
Manager Success

How To Lead In The Midst Of Uncertainty

At breakfast yesterday with a friend who also happens to be a business owner, the impact of COVID-19 inevitably came into conversation. We discussed how…

Read By Adam Weber on March 11, 2020
Manager Success

One-on-One Meetings With Managers Aren’t Happening Frequently Enough

How regularly do you participate in one-on-one manager meetings? Once a quarter? Once a month? Once a week? If you’re going four weeks or longer…

Read By Emplify on February 17, 2020
Manager Success

Stop Managing Performance, Start Facilitating Great Work

While I researched this article, the negative connotation that management brought to mind gnawed at me. Sure, I’ve worked for crummy managers in my career,…

Read By Traci Cumbay on November 4, 2019
Manager Success

How Can I Help My Employees Become More Engaged?

In high-growth businesses, almost everyone is being called upon to do more, give more, be more than we feel capable of being. We are seeking…

Read By Sam Yoder on October 14, 2019
Manager Success

All People-Leaders Must Be Accountable to Build an Engaged Workforce

We’re guessing you already know how important employee engagement is. It’s probably the reason you’re reading this. But does the rest of your organization share…

Read By Heather Mueller on September 27, 2019
Manager Success

A Cautionary Tale of Workplace Distrust and Inaction

Once upon a time, in a land far, far from our hero’s resume or LinkedIn profile, a dysfunctional system became a work-life ogre. After a…

Read By Traci Cumbay on September 27, 2019
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