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Measuring Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Strategies Fall Apart When Communication Falls Short

It’s dark. The building is unfamiliar. How will you find the one light switch in the office? You’re at the front of a classroom. Forty…

Read By Traci Cumbay on September 25, 2019
Measuring Employee Engagement

Why Employee Engagement Is Your Most Important Business Outcome

When you think of important “business outcomes,” which metrics immediately come to mind? Revenue? Costs? Conversions? How about employee engagement? That last one gets overlooked…

Read By Heather Mueller on September 13, 2019
Measuring Employee Engagement

Why Our Facebook Post About Employee Disengagement Went Viral

We recently shared a post on social media about the challenges HR leaders face when they have disengaged employees. The post has gone viral, with…

Read By Nicole Klemp on September 10, 2019
Improving Company Culture

How Executives Can Drive Employee Engagement

Around Emplify, the idea of management as the central nervous system for employee engagement guides our approach to measuring and defining strategy. Managers provide leadership…

Read By Traci Cumbay on August 26, 2019
Measuring Employee Engagement

Everyone Hates Surveys

Let’s start with the C-Suite. You hate surveys. Why? It began with a business problem at the top and a strong intention to…

Read By Ian Illig on August 15, 2019
Measuring Employee Engagement

The Workforce-Altering Magic of Employee Engagement Feedback Loops

Several years ago, I walked into a spin class for the first time. I had no idea what I was doing, and the indoor exercise…

Read By Heather Mueller on May 14, 2019
Measuring Employee Engagement

Creating a Company Culture of Authenticity

The subject of authenticity has been getting a lot of attention in leadership circles, and for good reason. As one of the 17 drivers…

Read By Heather Mueller on April 8, 2019
Improving Company Culture

Why Employees Need Shared Values to Be Fully Engaged

If you had to guess, what would you say is one of the most important components of employee engagement? Passion? Purpose? Paychecks? How about shared…

Read By Heather Mueller on March 22, 2019
Measuring Employee Engagement

Why “Top Workplace” Awards Aren’t a Good Indicator of Engagement

I once worked at a company that desperately wanted to land a spot on one of those well-known “best places to work” lists. If you’re…

Read By Heather Mueller on March 18, 2019
Improving Company Culture

Employees are Like a Box of Chocolates

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to take a look at all the things and people we love at Emplify: our customers, our employees,…

Read By Nicole Klemp on February 5, 2019
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