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Company Vision: Lessons Learned

Gabby VanAlstine
Gabby VanAlstine

Keeping up momentum

We’re proud to have created a series of memorable, inspiring, and distinctive events to roll out Emplify’s new company vision. It was a challenge, but we learned a lot throughout the process. That’s why to wrap up our vision roll-out series, we’re sharing a few of those lessons. We hope this helps you as you launch your own company vision:

Engage stakeholders

At Emplify, we always reach out to our internal influencers for their ideas and mindshare. We gauged reactions and solicited ideas from various groups of Emplifiers throughout the vision rollout process. It’s best practice for change management, and besides: understanding different perspectives helps us create a more inclusive and successful end project.

Make it memorable

You can’t optimize every moment of work for everyone. However, you can create lasting memories that team members will cherish. 

We planned small acts to make our vision launch memorable:

  1. We sent handwritten cards to every Emplifier from our People Ops Coordinator thanking them for their contributions in Q1. 
  2. We asked Emplifiers to participate in the “Dress as Your Favorite visionary” challenge for the meeting. 
  3. We sent a vision journal to each employee’s home in advance of the launch. 
  4. We also posted videos from our CEO & CPO in advance of the launch in which they shared why they were so excited to share the Emplify Vision with the team. 

We took great care in these small acts—it’s our hope that Emplifiers will remember the vision launch for many years to come. 

Make it active

Simply reading or listening to something doesn’t make it come alive. You need to engage your team with your company vision. We helped our team activate and understand the vision in several ways:

  • Breakout discussions
  • Dedicated Slack channels
  • Vision journals
  • Visualization activities

We’ll keep building our vision’s momentum on into the future. We’ll embrace more visioning exercises and vision creation. We’ll do this as individual departments and as part of our leadership development program. But the most important part is how our team members relate to and apply the vision every day.

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