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Emplify Increases Employee Engagement and Business Performance at Vendini


Indianapolis – April 24, 2019 – Emplify, the leader in employee engagement measurement, today announced Vendini has selected Emplify and recognized bottom-line business performance results and increased employee engagement.

The leadership team at Vendini, the leader in live event ticketing solutions, was looking for a way to see deep into areas of struggle within the workforce and to identify opportunities to improve productivity and performance. After researching several different solutions, Vendini ultimately chose to work with Emplify, due in large part to the unique software-plus-human approach to employee engagement and ability to provide deeper actionable insights.

“Vendini has a distributed workforce with offices throughout the U.S., Canada, and Italy, and remote workers dispersed globally. We place a big focus on business agility and providing exceptional customer experiences, so employee engagement is not only important to our team, but critical to success,” said Susan Hollingshead, Chief People Officer at Vendini. “With Emplify, we’re able to capture automatic and granular results in real time, which is profound. The quality of the data plus the guidance from our strategist is incomparable. We’ve already seen a boost to our company rating on Glassdoor and early indicators of increased performance.”

A strategic plan came to fruition based on Emplify’s insights and has helped the Vendini leadership team increase credibility with employees. They have been able to prove they’re open to feedback and committed to delivering measurable outcomes from it. New business initiatives include:

  • commitment to sharing strategic plans during all-hands company meetings
  • transparent communication about the company trajectory
  • more intentionality around helping employees see how their work directly contributes to the company’s larger goals
  • tracking correlations between employee engagement and other key metrics like customer NPS scores and employee retention

For more information about the Vendini selection and deployment of Emplify, a full case study can be found here.

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