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Emplify Launches Free Diversity and Inclusion Progress Assessment


INDIANAPOLIS (July 29, 2020) – Emplify, a data-driven employee engagement measurement company, has announced the launch of a free tool to help business leaders and managers gauge their progress on diversity and inclusion efforts.

The 15-question assessment is intended to help organizations establish a baseline of employee sentiment around diversity and inclusion efforts and uncover areas of concern. The assessment gathers employee perspectives across three focus areas: Company Efforts, Work Environment, and Personal Experience. Leaders can use insights gleaned from the survey to determine where to focus diversity and inclusion efforts in the short- and long-term.

Every company has improvements to make when it comes to diversity and inclusion, but blanket approaches like implicit bias training do little to remedy deep talent strategy and culture issues,” said Santiago Jaramillo, Emplify co-founder and CEO. “Our hope is to give leaders a baseline to measure themselves against as they continue the meaningful work of baking diversity and inclusion into the organization’s DNA.”

Key features of Emplify’s Diversity and Inclusion Progress Assessment include:

  • 5-minute set-up
  • Anonymity to encourage employee transparency
  • Full results with sentiment analysis for each question
  • Credible, actionable feedback in 72 hours or less

According to McKinsey research, companies who embrace and excel in areas of diversity, equity and inclusion outperform competitors. Companies with gender-diverse executive teams out-earn their competitors by 25 percent, and those with a high degree of ethnic diversity out-earn their competitors by 36 percent. However, matters of diversity, fairness and inclusion remain challenges for many organizations.  

In October 2019, Emplify announced it had raised a $15M Series B venture round, led by Edison Partners. Leading brands like Purdue, Yamaha and Castellini trust Emplify to improve business results through employee engagement.

To learn more and sign up for the free Diversity and Inclusion Progress Assessment, visit


About Emplify

Emplify’s data-driven employee engagement improvement solution helps executives, managers and HR leaders make better people decisions and improve business results. Informed by science and psychometrics, Emplify is the first to fuse a software platform, agile process, and expert human strategists into a data-proven employee engagement system — focused on achieving iterative business transformation through simple, actionable, and timely culture measurement and coaching. Emplify was co-founded in 2015 by Santiago Jaramillo, bestselling author of Agile Engagement, and Adam Weber, author of Lead like a Human, available for pre-order now. Based in Indianapolis, Ind., Emplify is backed by Edison Partners, Allos Ventures and Cultivation Capital, and is on a mission to help all people achieve their true potential at work.

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