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Introducing Emplify Survey 4.0

Ian Illig
Ian Illig

After months of testing and loads of customer feedback, we’re excited to release the latest iteration of the Emplify Survey. This release is packed with features and enhancements that are centered around making the survey results even more actionable for leaders.

But first, a brief recap of how we got here.

If you’re already familiar with the Emplify Survey, then you know employees respond to a series of statements about the overall employee experience and their own engagement. It’s fast, easy, and confidential. Each employee experience statement rolls up to one of 17 engagement drivers (like Goal Support, Autonomy, and Meaning), while responses to the individual engagement statements are quantified as a single Emplify Score.

Data from a single survey is actionable on its own, but the real magic happens when we start measuring how the results change over time within teams, departments, organizations, and even entire industries. The resulting impact is rich data that only gets smarter over time. This iteration is all about making this rich data more consumable and actionable for leaders.

So, what’s new?

Spheres of Experience

Statements are now categorized into Spheres of Experience, giving employees more context as they respond to statements and making survey results easier for leaders to consume.

While every organization has unique qualities, there are common environments at work that are familiar to all employees. Everyone reports to a manager, interacts with coworkers, works under a senior leadership team, and has day-to-day work to accomplish. To help contextualize the Emplify Survey, we’ve split the survey statements into those four facets, or Spheres: Manager, Coworkers, Leadership, and Work Experience.

As leaders are reviewing survey results, they can now sort data by Sphere.

While it’s important for leaders to have a holistic understanding of their team’s engagement, it can be overwhelming when there are org-wide issues outside of their control. Leaders use Spheres to hone in on the areas they can control.

Dynamic Feedback

This might be the most time-saving, actionable feature that we’ve ever provided for leaders. Here’s why it’s so big.

Since the dawn of surveys, leaders have always wanted deeper context than what a multiple-choice survey can provide. The problem is…the workarounds aren’t great.

Adding generic, open-ended questions to a survey captures the employee’s perspective in the moment, but produces a thin layer of random feedback on a wide variety of topics that is impossible to prioritize.

Holding post-survey focus groups allows leaders to decide ahead of time what to get feedback on, but they’re logistically complex to schedule quickly after a survey, time-consuming to hold, and it takes an expert facilitator to avoid groupthink.

We decided to take the best of both worlds.

Enter Dynamic Feedback, an AI-generated, open-ended question at the end of the Emplify Survey. Within seconds, individual results are analyzed and the employee is asked to share ideas on a key area.

Dynamic Feedback changes the game and is designed to quickly determine the most effective topic to ask about. Sometimes it’s a request for ideas on an area of improvement and sometimes it’s a request for context on a bright spot that the rest of the organization could learn from.

It’s easy for employees and delivers the context that leaders need, without any additional effort.

General Enhancements

Our customers use Emplify Survey data to make mission-critical decisions on a regular basis and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. While it’s crucial that we actively evolve our methodology to continue delivering the most actionable insights, it’s equally important that we preserve the science and rigor that made us a trustworthy partner in the first place.

After months of data testing, we’ve made minor tweaks to the wording of the Emplify Survey statements and added a few new engagement drivers into our measurement set. We’re thrilled to report that in addition to positive customer feedback on these changes, our data set is scoring higher than ever in reliability tests.

Be on the lookout for more product updates coming from the Emplify team soon!

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