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New Employee Engagement Trends Report Provides Benchmarks for 2020

Adam Weber
Adam Weber

Have you heard that 21% of employees experience the effects of burnout on a daily basis?

Did you know that 7 out of every 10 employees are currently open to new career opportunities — or that 30% are actively looking for new jobs right now?

These are a few of the more startling findings in Emplify’s new report, Employee Engagement Trends 2020: Insights and Benchmarks for Strategic People Leaders.

Even more surprising? Although the impacts of disengagement at work are being felt across industries, we discovered that more than half of companies aren’t measuring the right metrics around employee engagement.

For this report, our team did a deep-dive into what’s happening within the workforce at large and analyzed millions of data points to uncover trends in employee engagement — all to help people leaders see what they could (or should) be doing to better collect and act on employee feedback.

The latest findings in our annual report cover:

  • The state of engagement from an employee perspective
  • Employee engagement benchmarks by industry
  • The top 5 recommendations for engaging and retaining talent in 2020

It’s our mission here at Emplify to empower people leaders everywhere to transform the employee experience, and arming you with the right data is a critical step.

Download your copy today to discover new insights you can use to stand out from your competition and win with more engaged and productive employees.

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