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Employee Engagement Trends and Indexes Report Reveals Culture Gaps Across Multigenerational Workforce


Survey of 750 employees reveals that shared values at work and opportunities for professional development are low among multi-tenured workforces

FISHERS, Indiana (August 29, 2017) — Emplify, provider of employee engagement insights for business leaders, today announced the release of its quarterly Employee Engagement Trends and Indexes Report, which cites survey data from 750 employees to define emerging trends across today’s modern workplace. The inaugural report surfaces applicable data and best practices from fast-growing organizations with dedicated employee engagement programs, uncovering key information for businesses with up to five generations of workers.

Survey respondents were measured by Emplify Insights™, the company’s flagship platform that leverages a psychometrically valid survey to deliver a quarterly employee engagement score, as well as results detailed by three psychological conditions and 14 drivers of employee engagement.

Emplify’s Employee Engagement Trends and Indexes Report reveals substantial themes that indicate the state of engagement across today’s multigenerational workforce. The findings include:

  • The average engagement score for all employees was 75.2, representing a “moderately engaged” ranking
  • 18.4% of employees surveyed scored as “disengaged to extremely disengaged,” with healthcare being the lowest-scoring industry surveyed
  • Authenticity and fairness are the two highest drivers of engagement overall, across all industries surveyed
  • Both new (1-3 years) and tenured employees (10+ years) are more likely to struggle to feel connected by shared values with their colleagues
  • Employees who have worked at the same company for 2-3 years scored the lowest in purpose, utilization, role clarity, and professional development

“We’re introducing our Employee Engagement Trend and Indexes Report as a resource for business leaders across all industries and company sizes who want to stop relying on guesswork and gut feelings to drive employee engagement,” said Santiago Jaramillo, Founder and CEO of Emplify. “With just one set of simple metrics, it’s possible to see exactly what actions will improve engagement. We believe that clearly understanding top engagement drivers will inspire leaders to unlock the full potential of their teams in innovative ways.”

Emplify’s report includes real-life tips and case studies on improving employee engagement from the company’s employee engagement strategists, who have worked with more than 100 customers on analyzing and acting on their survey results. Emplify customer T-H Marine, for example, worked with Emplify to surface deep insights about the culture of each team. When the company’s survey results revealed that the production team felt underutilized on a specific production process, T-H Marine purchased more advanced equipment for their employees, speeding up the time to complete a certain task by 30 percent and adding $3.8 million in new product production capacity.

To download the full Employee Engagement Trends and Indexes Report, or to learn more about the Emplify Insights™ platform, visit

About Emplify:

Emplify is on a mission to help one million employees do more meaningful work, by giving organizations the power to unlock the potential of their people. Emplify’s insights framework quantifies the noise, distilling culture and feedback into employee analytics that leaders can use to make better data-driven decisions. Combining quantitative surveys with qualitative SmartPulseTM questions allows you to pinpoint the underlying people issues, issues that often go unnoticed by senior management until they result in turnover or poor performance. Emplify provides a trustworthy, simple, and actionable way to improve engagement at companies like Ivy Tech Community College, Herff Jones, Appirio, Cheetah Digital, Right at Home, and many others. Learn more at

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