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How We’re Changing the Employee Engagement Industry Forever

Santiago Jaramillo
Santiago Jaramillo

We chose employee engagement as our focus at Emplify.

Why? Because I believe positive change in every area of our life can start at work.

On average, humans spend half their waking lives at work, and a vast majority are disengaged in that work. This problem is pervasive and costly for companies and individuals.

Changing lives through better work environments

The natural conclusion is that the human work experience is a powerful lever for change. Consequently, the companies that make up our ecosystem of customers and partners are proving that we have the potential to positively change the human experience through more engaging work environments that help people achieve their full potential.

These organizations are able to tap into the full potential of their people, and will ultimately come out on top in an era of unprecedented technology disruption and cultural change. They’ll help accelerate the business world to a more human and profitable environment for all.

The organizations that attract, align, engage, and retain the best people will win in an era of accelerating change.

It’s because of this that we’ve made it our mission at Emplify to unlock the true potential of people at work, to improve employees’ lives, and help organizations win. Personally, that’s my favorite part of what we get to do at Emplify — impact the double-bottom line.

Increased employee engagement leads to increased profit through sustainable employee productivity, reduced voluntary turnover of key employees, improved customer service, and a more fertile soil for innovation.

Making engagement actionable and profitable

There is overwhelming evidence of the return on investment of employee engagement in scholarly business and psychology journals, but also that the data-driven changes that organizations make to create more engaging environments, improve the professional and personal lives of many individuals and their families. Think about how much work affects the rest of our lives and the lives of our loved ones — it’s an influential component in the quality-of-life equation.

Creating a culture of engagement isn’t about forcing or manipulating “more” from employees, nor is it about management catering to employees’ every whim. It’s about decision-makers better understanding what their people need to do the best work of their lives, and to be empowered to strategically prioritize and execute the highest-impact actions — the actions that will most benefit employees, customers, and the company as a whole.

Once you observe this listening+action closed-feedback-loop, you see it’s truly a beautiful, virtuous cycle of ‘good for people’ and ‘profitable for the company.’ At the risk of sounding sappy, it’s truly a joy to observe this “fly-wheel” of employee engagement, vigor, energy, and “ownership mentality” compound and gain momentum in an organization, as its executives and managers are able to confidently and strategically take focused action to create a more engaging work environment.

That’s why it’s maddening to me that the employee engagement industry is so broken. Between cutesy “pulse surveys” that ask about employees’ happiness every Friday, to overly complex and time-consuming “survey platforms” that don’t actually provide any real action, managers and data-less consultants are left taking guesses at what to fix. The problem of low engagement is too important for the industry to be so broken.

So many promises of colorful data, yet such little truth in action.

Sharing a roadmap with leaders

For too long, employee engagement has been a misunderstood, vague, and unquantifiable notion. It’s not employee satisfaction or happiness; those are passive, “leaning back” states of being, not characterized by vigor or deep commitment to work.

Employee engagement is many times conflated with office snacks, 4-star catered meals, pretty lights and colors, and a ping-pong table at the office. Employee engagement is SO much more than that.

Employee engagement IS business. Do you rely on people to sell or deliver a product or service? If the answer is yes, you need an engaged workforce in order to be competitive.

Employee engagement is an individual’s intellectual and emotional connection to their work and employer, as demonstrated by their active commitment to pursue the organization’s mission and goals.

It’s what top performers want: to be able to contribute their full potential at work toward an important mission. And it’s what leaders want: to be able to count on the total commitment of their employee’s head, heart, and hands to pursue the organization’s vision and goals.

Emplify’s next phase

What executives and managers need is a metric to understand how people are doing at work — with clear action steps to improve that metric — to help employees and organizations achieve their full potential. So at Emplify, we are pioneering a radically better engagement solution: one that is data-driven and objective in measuring employee engagement, and most importantly, a solution that yields focused action to strategically improve engagement — not just for executives at the top, but for every important management layer of the org chart.

Emplify is the only engagement measurement provider that fuses survey insights, employee communication, and performance enhancement tactics to convert “actionable insights” into action. In addition to the core technology offering, Emplify also pairs each customer with an Employee Engagement Strategist to inform them with best practices, guide leaders through action steps to improve overall engagement, and encourage them to be accountable in taking real actions in every step of the journey. It’s the optimal blend of easy-to-use software and expert human advisory to yield people-powered business results.

To continue Emplify’s blistering pace toward accomplishing our vision (473% year-over-year revenue growth), we have infused Emplify with $7.5M of growth equity capital to invest aggressively into our software innovation, expert advisory services, and our industry-leading partnership program with medium and large HCM consultants, to continue building the world’s most actionable employee engagement solution. The mission is inspiring and clear, and the resources for the next phase of our journey are secured.

The time is now, and so we strive onward to help our customers unlock the true potential of people at work.

To awesome Mondays,


P.S. We’re hiring! Check out our open positions.

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