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JJR Solutions Overcomes Employee Disconnect with Emplify Insights


For JJR Solutions, a company that’s dedicated to helping organizations make their data fully accessible, finding the right way to solicit honest employee feedback proved challenging. Following the departure of a few tenured employees who played a vital role in the company, several culture-specific problems began to surface. Employees were no longer excited about the work they were doing, and increasing workplace tension created conflict between colleagues. On top of this, there was a growing lack of trust toward management, which made it nearly impossible to create a more connected culture of camaraderie.

Recognizing that something needed to be done, the company started dedicating time and resources to help fix the mounting concerns. Activities like happy hours and team outings were planned to encourage team members to form relationships and rebuild a sense of camaraderie, something to make them feel happier to be at work each day. But as they soon learned, searching for solutions without understanding the root of the problem can be a challenging process that produces few results. These types of challenges wouldn’t disappear with a temporary fix.

So they decided to turn to Emplify in hopes of addressing the problems that were crippling the company and its employees.

“Emplify had a scientific approach to quantifying and scoring us on engagement, and that was something that I hadn’t known was available, didn’t know existed,” said Carly Cox, the company’s Vice President of Operations.

With the help of Emplify’s hassle-free surveys, JJR Solutions was able to move forward with an employee engagement strategy that pinpointed the root causes of disengagement for the company.

“This might’ve been a clock in, clock out job a year ago,” said Joe Skinner, an Acquisition and Security Manager for the company. “This is now a place where I’m excited to come to work and I’m excited to do my job and to move up in the company—but more so, just to be around these people.”

Learn more about the JJR Solutions story in the customer spotlight video below.

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