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Mainstreet Employee Engagement App Achieves 100% Adoption at Launch

Stefanie Jansen
Stefanie Jansen

The core culture at Mainstreet, the nation’s largest developer of transitional care properties, is centered around action words like “innovate” and “inspire.” So when it was time to take employee engagement to the next level for the company’s 130+ staffers, executives knew exactly what they wanted to do:

Launch a Emplify employee engagement app.

“Our core values include leading boldly with excellence, innovating, and inspiring others,” said Andi Amburgey, client and employee experience manager at Mainstreet. “So an app that’s also doing all of those things is going to help us do even more.”

SparkBeat, named after Mainstreet employees’ innate “spark” to work passionately, gives the company’s employees an easy way to connect, stay informed, and get answers on everything from holidays and health insurance to the company’s mission and business goals—all from the convenience of pocket-sized smartphones. In fact, Mainstreet’s employee engagement team is already making plans to move key documents, such as Salesforce items and internal forms from the company’s intranet, over to SparkBeat.

Introducing SparkBeat from Casey Harwood on Vimeo.

We sat down with Andi to learn more about Mainstreet’s decision to build an employee engagement app with Emplify. Here’s what she had to say:

What led you to launch an employee engagement app?

We have a really collaborative environment and wanted to give people even more opportunities to get involved. An employee engagement app was an additional piece of the puzzle, especially since the people at Emplify are working toward the same goals of innovation and inspiration.

We’re in front of our email so much—every day, all day. We also have access to our phones much of the time. It’s exciting to have another way to really come together and alleviate the need to be on a laptop the majority of the time.

So, you had a launch party to introduce the app…and everyone got involved?

sparkBEATLaunchPartyYes! When you motivate and encourage people, they want to be a part of something big. It’s the Mainstreeter way.

[Fun fact: Mainstreet’s founder and CEO Zeke Turner introduced SparkBeat by inviting employees to participate in a “race” to download the app during the week leading up the Indianapolis 500, which takes place not far from the company’s headquarters in Carmel, Indiana. An internal email marketing campaign and an Indy 500-inspired launch party resulted in a 100% adoption rate on the day the app was introduced.]

What key features are being used the most?

The push notifications are outstanding. Employees now have easy access to information that they once had to comb through emails to find. And a lot of our employees travel, so to be able to access information away from your desk is a piece that’s been well used and loved.

I’ve also been hearing a lot about the in-app contacts feature. For example, our CEO loves getting to know employees on a personal level. Before we launched SparkBeat, he was asking IT to create an Outlook folder that would allow him to get in touch with any employee at any time. Now, he can contact any employee with the touch of a button. He thinks it’s going to be incredible with what we can do with it.

[Fun fact: The open rate for the app’s push notifications is 170%, which means many employees are returning to messages to read them twice.]

What experience did you have updating mobile apps prior to Emplify?

mainstreetNone. In fact, when I was told I’d be in charge of the MAS, my first thought was: “What is MAS?” (Answer: It stands for Mobile App Studio, Emplify’s proprietary drag-and-drop platform that lets users design, organize, and view live previews.) You can do everything with the touch of a button, and it’s so easy to make updates. It has been the easiest transition!

[Fun fact: Emplify is the only mobile app platform in the industry that’s able to push continual improvements without the need for user disruption or app store re-submission.]

What advice would you give other companies researching employee engagement solutions?

Building a mobile app might sound overwhelming, but I do not have an IT background and had no experience with apps other than what’s on my phone. It’s very achievable and you’ll have a Emplify project manager with you throughout the entire process.

It’s been a remarkable experience. Our customer success manager has always been approachable and accessible any time I ask for help. I’ve really enjoyed the partnership with Emplify.

In the first two weeks since launching SparkBeat, Mainstreet’s employees opened the app more than 2,000 times to access important information. Push notifications make it easier than ever to stay up-to-date, and company-wide goals and visions can be kept top of mind at all times. SparkBeat is a shining example of the kind of cutting-edge mobile app companies can use to keep employees happy, productive and engaged.

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