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Manager Success

Here’s How You Can Be a Great Manager

This article originally appeared in the Indianapolis Business Journal. — I was a bad manager for about six months. In the…

Read By Santiago Jaramillo on August 5, 2019
Customer Success Stories

Emplify customer video series: Ontario Systems

Hear from Jill Lehman, Vice President and Chief People Officer at Ontario Systems, as she explains what makes the Emplify solution different, and how measuring…

Read By Nicole Klemp on July 30, 2019
Company/Product News

Emplify Hosts Indiana Business Leaders for Insights Live

Last week, Indianapolis’ top executives and thought leaders came together at the Biltwell Event Center for Insights Live. We were blown away by the energy…

Read By Emplify on June 28, 2019
Manager Success

Why Manager Face Time is Essential to Employee Engagement

My name is Alex and I’m a software engineer. Given the stereotypes about people in my line of work, what I’m about to say next…

Read By Alex White on May 15, 2019
Measuring Employee Engagement

The Workforce-Altering Magic of Employee Engagement Feedback Loops

Several years ago, I walked into a spin class for the first time. I had no idea what I was doing, and the indoor exercise…

Read By Heather Mueller on May 14, 2019
Customer Success Stories

How Terminus Uses Emplify to Operationalize Employee Engagement

As a high-growth software company and the leader in account-based marketing solutions, Terminus has built a business around being data-driven. So to keep up with…

Read By Nicole Klemp on May 10, 2019
Customer Success Stories

How Vendini is Increasing Employee Engagement and Business Performance with Emplify

If you’ve ever bought or sold tickets to a concert, theater performance, comedy show, or any other live event, there’s a good chance you’ve used…

Read By Nicole Klemp on April 24, 2019
Company/Product News

Emplify Increases Employee Engagement and Business Performance at Vendini

Indianapolis – April 24, 2019 – Emplify, the leader in employee engagement measurement, today announced Vendini has selected Emplify and recognized bottom-line business performance results…

Read By Emplify on April 23, 2019
Manager Success

Research Reveals 4 Essential Elements for Effective Management

Recently, we shared a somewhat startling finding about what it takes to be an effective manager: Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of…

Read By Heather Mueller on April 12, 2019
Measuring Employee Engagement

Creating a Company Culture of Authenticity

The subject of authenticity has been getting a lot of attention in leadership circles, and for good reason. As one of the 17 drivers…

Read By Heather Mueller on April 8, 2019
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