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Product Release: People Insights 2.0

Ian Illig
Ian Illig

We’re a little excited over here at Emplify. After listening carefully to our customers and bringing some inspiration of our own, it’s time to announce our biggest product release ever — People Insights 2.0.

Let’s start here: Emplify is on a mission to help all people achieve their true potential at work. 

We live that out by helping strategic people leaders do three things: run simple assessments for employees, provide clear (and fast) guidance for executive teams, and equip managers with actionable coaching.

People Insights 2.0 does all that and more. It’s the GPS that reveals the path forward and helps strategic leaders stay strategic. 

Here are a handful of our customers’ favorite new features:

Unlimited Filtering

What’s the point of great data if it’s hard to analyze? With Unlimited Filtering, leaders can now drill into engagement results by pairing multiple filters together like Generation, Department, Location, and more.

Sentiment Analysis

Oftentimes, the most insightful data is found in the comment section. But trying to analyze all that text manually is a full-time job…and not a very fun one. Sentiment Analysis uses artificial intelligence to categorize comments automatically, making it easy for leaders to identify common themes and make more informed decisions.

Hidden Attributes

With People Insights 2.0, you can control which leaders have access to key employee segments by making any attribute a Hidden Attribute. That way, you can learn from key data points while keeping sensitive information private.

My Views

The new user experience is designed to help leaders quickly access the most relevant data and be strategic with their time. My Views is a saved list of all the groups a leader has permission to view the results for.

To explore what People Insights 2.0 could do for your organization, schedule a demo with our team.

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