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5 Most Popular Insights Podcast Episodes of 2019

Nicole MacLean
Nicole MacLean

Millions of Americans will soon hit the road to visit family and friends this holiday season. With all that time on planes, trains, and automobiles, we’re curating the top Insights episodes from this year for your listening pleasure. These shows are jam-packed with best practices, tactical tips, and new insights for helping you kickstart your 2020 people and engagement strategies.

Pop in your AirPods, hit play, and keep those eyes on the road…

1. Getting the Best Out of Your People | Featuring Kevin Kruse

To kick off our third season, national thought leader and best-selling author, Kevin Kruse, shared his perspective on one of the most critical components of a successful engagement strategy — managers. Often, executive leaders don’t think (or don’t know how) to empower managers to create engaging environments.

It all comes back to data. Capturing relevant and meaningful data about your employees helps in all aspects of building a successful people strategy, but specifically for identifying opportunities to strengthen manager-employee relationships. Listen to the full episode to hear Kevin’s tips for coaching your managers.

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2. Why Should a CEO Care? | Featuring Roberta Matusen

In our very first episode of the show, we tackle a topic at the core of employee engagement: why it should matter to the CEO and the importance of their relationship with the HR leader. Surprisingly, there are still many leaders who believe their employees are just lucky to have a job and who don’t think working to create an engaging work environment could possibly influence their bottom line.

Many leadership teams underestimate the power of their people and don’t give their people-leaders a true, strategic seat at the table. This is a great episode for HR and executive leaders to listen to together to start the conversation about building a more strategic working relationship.

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3. Employee Engagement is No Longer an “HR Thing” | Featuring Craig Anderson and Jennifer Hodnett

As a great follow up to the previous episode, this next feature focuses primarily on the executive team. The bottom line is, engagement starts with leaders. If the CEO isn’t part of people strategy and initiatives, it simply won’t work.

On this episode, guests Craig and Jennifer give real-life examples of how leadership focusing on engagement yielded real profits for their businesses and established lasting metrics and objectives for continuous success.

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4. #Killing the Buzzwords: Employee Engagement | Featuring Carla Taylor

Over the last decade, words like culture and engagement have been overused to the point of becoming buzzwords — and lost all meaning. In this episode, we dive into how to cut through the noise and build an engagement strategy that actually works. *spoiler* It isn’t with better perks or more pay.

Emplify CEO, Santiago Jaramillo, and featured guest, Carla Taylor, share what truly creates meaning for humans and how to find the overlap between personal meaning and purpose at work to unlock employees’ true potential.

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5. Flipping the Script on Feedback | Featuring Haley Aust and Carmen Price

We ask a lot of our people managers, but are we delivering on our end of the deal? In this episode, we dig into the flow of feedback between leaders and managers. Often, we ask the wrong questions of our managers and fail to listen to what they really need for their own engagement and to successfully lead their teams.

Featured guests, Haley Aust and Carmen Price from Birge and Held, share their perspectives on giving managers the opportunity to share what’s really happening on the front lines and ensuring their feedback is heard and turned into action.

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