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Employee Engagement Trends 2020: Insights and Benchmarks for Strategic People Leaders

Workplace reality doesn’t always match up with employee expectations. And that disconnect shows up in devastating numbers that reflect the people problems you might be missing. One startling example? Almost two-thirds of employees surveyed reported experiencing burnout at work. Worse: A whopping 73% are “currently open” to a…


Report: The Qualities of Effective Managers

When it comes to succeeding at work, managers are everything. The relationship between an employee and their manager is one of the most powerful drivers of engagement. The way a manager leads impacts the productivity of their team and can make or break the individual success of their direct reports.


Insights for Executives: Employee Engagement Trends Report

When you’ve helped over 200 companies measure and improve employee engagement, you learn a thing or two. And since our solution is data-driven, we’ve also been able to track some key trends — which you’ll find in this report. We analyzed engagement data for nearly 13,000 employees, pulled out some…