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You’ve heard it all before. A start-up gets acquired. A key team member leaves. A company undergoes exponential growth in a short amount of time. Events like these leave employees feeling vulnerable, risking their engagement with the company. 

In the case of Indianapolis-based Student Connections, the creation of their new division had separated them from their parent company, prompting a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity among employees.

“Before we had the Emplify engagement survey, we knew something wasn’t right in the organization, but we really didn’t know where to focus our efforts,” said Craig Anderson, President of Student Connections.

Student Connections turned to Emplify to validate their hunch that something wasn’t quite right within their culture. Eager to take the survey and share their opinions, employees reacted to the survey with an incredible 90% response rate in just one week.  

What the results revealed has since helped them reorganize and reassess their cultural goals, leading to increased employee engagement.

Check out the full Student Connections story in the customer spotlight video:

Actionable Results You Can Point To

With Emplify, Student Connections not only receives insights about their overall engagement, but they can take their results a step further with insights that:

  • Measure true engagement (instead of satisfaction alone) for psychometrically valid results
  • Drill down to specific segments of the business to pinpoint problem areas
  • Address current engagement, with a combination of both annual surveys and quarterly check-ins

Since assessing their engagement, Student Connections has restructured their office environment for a more collaborative layout and even formed their first culture committee, which addresses specific feedback from their Emplify survey results.

“Emplify allows me to do my job better by having a direct line into the employees of the organization. It allows me to get quick feedback on issues I’m trying to solve and understand exactly how they’re feeling.” – Craig P. Anderson, President, Student Connections

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