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Emplify’s Top 10 Employee Engagement Blogs of 2018

Nicole Klemp
Nicole Klemp

You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. So to kick off the new year, we thought it would be a great time to take a look back at the topics that resonated with you most in the past year.

Here are the employee engagement and company culture topics that were most popular in 2018:

1. Managing Managers Effectively: The One Question All Leaders Should Ask More Often

The manager-employee relationship is one of the most critical drivers of employee engagement. So it’s no surprise that executives really want to learn more about how to coach their managers to be the best and most effective people-leaders possible.

2. 4 Excellent Examples of Diverse and Inclusive Company Cultures

Leaders who want to improve diversity and inclusion in their organizations are always looking for great examples of companies who are excelling at creating a truly diverse and inclusive culture. In this blog, we highlighted four companies to be inspired by.

3. How Ontario Systems Uses Employee Engagement Data to Improve Communication and Performance

Technology company, Ontario Systems, is a standout example of an organization that has made employee engagement a priority and transformed their people and culture strategy in a big way. Their leadership team has developed a new outlook and appreciation for the power of a highly engaged, highly collaborative team.

4. Understanding the 14 Drivers of Employee Engagement

There are 14 top drivers of employee engagement, and we’ve outlined them in this quick, digestible list. You won’t earn a degree in psychology just by reading this article, but you will get a good sense of the psychological factors behind what makes your employees tick.

5. 7 Questions You Must Be Able to Answer Before You Can Improve Employee Engagement

If you want to impact change in your organization — and make employee engagement a higher priority in the new year — check out this list to better understand the most important things to consider and contemplate. It’s a great way to do a little leadership self-assessment and company culture gut-check.

6. How We’re Changing the Employee Engagement Industry Forever

In this blog, Emplify co-founder and CEO, Santiago Jaramillo, lays out his vision for the future of employee engagement, why it’s critical, and what Emplify is doing to help leaders transform the workplace.

7. Battling Culture Shock After a Merger or Acquisition

A merger or acquisition can often be one of the most tumultuous events for a company culture. If leaders aren’t fully prepared to make the transition smooth for employees, it can be detrimental to engagement. Luckily, M&A can actually have a positive outcome when employee engagement is top of mind.

8. Why People Value Culture More Than Compensation Now

Job market research is increasingly pointing to the idea that many employee groups today (particularly millennials, the largest workforce group) place a higher value on culture fit and company purpose than on salary and benefits. To compete for top talent today, it’s imperative that business leaders make company culture a top strategic priority.

9. How EWI Uses Employee Feedback to Engage a Distributed Workforce

Engineering and technology firm, EWI, was dealing with a lot of organizational change and struggling to figure out the best ways to engage their remote workers and distributed teams. Learn how they were able to pinpoint the most valuable areas of focus and significantly increase employees’ feelings of purpose at work.

10. Want a Quick Win for Employee Engagement? Focus on Role Clarity

Those 14 drivers we mentioned earlier? One of them is role clarity. Role clarity refers to an employee’s understanding of what they’re responsible for, what their tasks are, and how success is measured. By having a clear understanding of what they should be focusing on, employees are more driven and productive. Unfortunately, what seems like a no-brainer is often overlooked by business leaders and managers.

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