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Emplify’s Top 10 Employee Engagement Blogs of 2019

Nicole Klemp
Nicole Klemp

It’s hard to believe another year is coming to a close. (It seems like just yesterday we were doing our 2018 recap!) Thanks for following along with our content this year — we hope it’s been valuable and helped keep employee engagement top-of-mind for you and your team.

As we look ahead to the new decade, let’s take a trip down content memory lane, with our 10 most popular articles of the year:

1. The Value of Employee Engagement

Fact: A more engaged workforce leads to real, measurable business results. (9/10 people will read that last line in a Dwight Schrute voice.) In this article, we dive deep into what employee engagement looks like, the benefits that come from prioritizing it (hello, profits!), and 3 steps for getting started in your organization.

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2. The Executive’s Guide to Engaging a Distributed Workforce

If you have remote workers or teams spread across different offices or locations, this one’s for you. We explore the benefits and challenges of leading and working on distributed teams and share proven ways you can engage remote employees. We also include a success story from a real company with an engaged and thriving distributed workforce.

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3. How Focus on Employee Engagement Led to Reduction in Turnover and 24% Increase in Profits at Millwood

We’re delighted (and not at all surprised) that Millwood’s story is resonating with our readers and made the most-read list this year. Through their engagement work and focus on culture, the company is overcoming challenges that many organizations face — like employee turnover — and seeing amazing business results.

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4. What Drives Employee Engagement, By Generation

Many Emplify customers choose to slice-and-dice their employee engagement data by generation, as it can uniquely impact the ways in which different individuals interact with work and their colleagues. We’ve seen some interesting data trends around the biggest drivers of engagement for employees of different age groups and synthesize some of those findings here.

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5. How Terminus Uses Emplify to Operationalize Employee Engagement

Another great customer story topped our list this year, featuring the awesome team at Terminus. As a leader in the marketing software space, this Atlanta-based company has prioritized employee engagement to build a winning culture and differentiate in their market as an employer of choice for top tech talent. Read how they’ve created a transparent culture of feedback, improved employee-manager relationships, and operationalized meaningful work.

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6. 12+ Stats and Studies That’ll Transform How You Engage Distributed Teams

The topic of distributed teams was obviously top-of-mind for many of our readers this year. We know that what, when, and why someone works is important, but here we dig into where work happens and how that can impact engagement. We share some research that confirms the competitive value of having distributed and remote employees and dive into the stats around real business outcomes like productivity and profits.

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7. Why Employee Engagement Is Your Most Important Business Outcome

All companies measure things like revenue and costs. But while “people” costs (i.e., compensations, benefits, etc) are the biggest expense for most companies, many aren’t tracking any actual metrics around that investment. In this article, we discuss the importance of measuring people metrics and share why employee engagement is a key indicator of business outcomes.

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8. Here’s How You Can Be a Great Manager

In this article, Emplify CEO and Co-founder, Santiago Jaramillo, shares a personal story about growing and developing as a people leader. He also gives his tips for managers on strengthening their leadership and fostering engagement for the individuals on their teams.

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9. Research Reveals 4 Essential Elements for Effective Management

Another piece about the importance of the manager-employee relationship made the list, this time diving into some of our own research around what makes for an effective and engaging manager. Learn the 4 elements that our data shows lead to better collaboration, trust, and higher team engagement.

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10. The 3 Foundational Elements for a Strong Company Culture

Trying to build a winning organizational culture — and a place where top talent are champing at the bit to work? In this article, we boil down the many things we’ve learned about employee engagement into 3 foundational elements for leaders to put into place on their teams.

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