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How Vendini is Increasing Employee Engagement and Business Performance with Emplify

Nicole Klemp
Nicole Klemp

If you’ve ever bought or sold tickets to a concert, theater performance, comedy show, or any other live event, there’s a good chance you’ve used one of Vendini’s ticketing platform. The company provides an all-inclusive and easy-to-use ticketing, marketing, fundraising, and patron management platform plus a world-class customer care program to provide smooth and seamless ticketing solutions for companies and their customers.

Vendini is based in San Francisco, with a distributed workforce in offices throughout the U.S., Canada, and Italy, and remote workers dispersed globally. With a focus on business agility and providing exceptional customer experiences, employee engagement is not only important to the Vendini team, but critical to their continued success.

Finding a partner for the engagement journey

With some recent changes including a reorganization, the leadership team at Vendini was looking for a way to see deep into areas of struggle within the workforce and to identify opportunities to improve productivity and performance.

Susan Hollingshead, Chief People Officer for Vendini, championed the idea of putting more focus on employee engagement and garnered the support of the company’s CEO, who shared her vision for creating a better employee experience and ultimately, improving overall business performance.

“I had guesses about some of the challenges we were having, but didn’t have any data around where we really needed to take action. Stabbing in the dark has never been one of my favorite things to do. I wanted data that pinpointed exactly where we should focus our time and attention,” said Susan.

After researching several different solutions, Vendini ultimately chose to work with Emplify, due in large part to our unique software-plus-human approach to employee engagement and ability to provide deeper actionable insights.

The data + human difference

“We really like the user-friendly platform, but the key difference with Emplify is the one-to-one support. We’ve been able to build a close and ongoing relationship with our employee engagement strategist, who helps us understand what the data means and how to interpret it. Having that credible expertise has been critical and makes it easier for our CEO to embrace the feedback,” said Susan.

With the help of their Emplify employee engagement strategist, Susan and the Vendini leadership team have been able to put real metrics behind their people strategy, and create better, more informed objectives and key results. Their strategist has helped them dig deeper into specific areas where they’re having success and identify specific groups where some challenges exist. With Emplify’s qualitative SmartPulse™ questions, the Vendini team has been able to drill down into specific departments and groups that need attention and get useful feedback directly from employees in those groups. This has allowed them to be more informed and thoughtful about the way they respond and plan next steps.

“The results are automatic and granular; you’re seeing them in real time and that’s profound. The quality of the data plus the strategist is incomparable,” said Susan.

Making good on promises

The act of prioritizing employee feedback and being more transparent about the company trajectory has made an immediate impact and increased the leadership team’s credibility with employees. They’ve been able to prove they’re open to feedback and committed to delivering measurable outcomes from it.

Vendini has committed to sharing strategic plans during all-hands company meetings and diving more deeply into how they plan to operationalize the company mission and vision. They’re also being more intentional about helping employees see how their work directly contributes to the company’s larger goals.

The company is also beginning to track correlations between employee engagement and other key metrics like customer NPS scores and employee retention, and have seen early indicators of increased performance. Since they began their journey with Emplify, Vendini has seen a boost to morale and a marked increase in their company rating on Glassdoor.

Susan and the rest of the leadership team look forward to their continued improvement. “We’re thrilled with our increases in engagement so far, but the next step is always to keep getting better. This process is highly agile. Measure, design, implement… measure, design, implement. We’re identifying opportunities for improvement and designing solutions. If one solution doesn’t work, we’ll measure in three months and test it again.”

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