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What It’s Like to Intern at Emplify

Emily Robbins
Emily Robbins

I was elated when I got the “yes.” I knew from conversations with professors and my own research that I deeply admired Emplify’s mission and product. This was exactly the kind of company I wanted to work with as an aspiring Human Resources professional. And now, I would be interning with the People Ops department at Emplify!  

HR captivated me early on in my college career for its ability to improve people’s work—and ultimately their lives. This focus is what makes Emplify unique and is a major part of the mission they’re on. I had high expectations, but they were exceeded as my Emplify experience unfolded in the following months.

Things kicked off with short conversations with fellow Emplifiers we called “coffee chats.” I had no idea how much I would enjoy these. On each call, I met with the most incredible, kind, and ingenious individuals. They were thrilled to explain their work to me, totally transparent in their experiences, and eager to help me learn everything I could. We all know how our relationships at work change our whole experience there. And Emplify fosters these meaningful relationships. 

When my projects began, they had a combination of autonomy and vision that excited me! Designing an employee handbook, writing templates for the onboarding processes, and creating resources to help Emplifiers succeed in their work. The work was so fulfilling for me. There was always constructive feedback to review and a pool of new, exciting ideas to keep the projects rolling. 

I’ve been told that some internships can be pretty empty, but when you’re given freedom to create whatever you sense a need for, there is no limit to the impact you can have. I loved this! It challenged me to innovate, but also be sensitive to the remarks of fellow Emplifiers. 

There’s nothing like finally getting your hands on what you’ve been learning about for 3 years.

Emplify is truly the embodiment of everything they try to facilitate for their customers. Here, I met individuals who loved their work and understood how it contributed to a meaningful whole. I met leaders who were transparent and focused on the holistic lives of their people. 

With my internship, I joined a team that wasn’t afraid to dream of a better workplace. My time at Emplify was unforgettable. I learned about organizational processes and HR operations. But most importantly, I learned what an organization can look like when it prioritizes its people and believes in its mission. 

I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and for each Emplifier I had the privilege of meeting.

Love from your People Ops Intern,


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