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Building Our Talent Community

Businesses with a strong referral culture tend to have higher engagement and higher retention rates. As a high growth company, Emplify is constantly looking for top talent to fill our pipeline, and we know our extraordinary employees have equally extraordinary professional networks.

Who is Eligible?

If you refer someone to Emplify, you’ll receive a referral bonus after the hired employee’s 60-day anniversary. Most referral bonuses are $500 net of taxes, but we may offer up to $1,000 for specific roles. The only catch is that you can’t be the new employee’s hiring manager, the hiring manager’s manager, Assistant to the Regional Hiring Manager, an HR team member, or an executive (sorry, Santi).

How Do I Refer Someone?

We will accept referrals anytime even if there is not a job opening. Just complete the Building Blocks referral form. If you are referring a candidate for an active job opening, employees must complete the Building Blocks referral form prior to the candidate applying to our Workable career site. The first employee who submits a form for a candidate will be eligible for the referral bonus.

We will recognize those who bring in the most new Building Blocks hires at the quarterly company meetings!