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Employee Appreciation

7 employee recognition ideas for the business-focused leader.

Step 1: We’ll help you gather feedback

Employees need a simple and confidential way to share the truth about their work experience with the leaders who can make a difference. Your engagement strategy is only as strong as the data you collect, so we take that off your plate.

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Step 2: We’ll help you discover insights.

A good survey will confirm a few hunches and uncover some blind spots, but expert data analysis will reveal the story beneath the surface. Trust your Employee Engagement Consultant to read between the lines.

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Step 3: We’ll help align your leadership team.

Even with clear insights, execution will fail if senior leaders aren’t aligned. Your Employee Engagement Consultant will present a 3rd party perspective on wins and risks to your entire leadership team so they walk away unified with clear action priorities.

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Step 4: We’ll help you empower managers to act.

From executives to frontline managers, we ensure all leaders have the coaching and resources they need to take action within their own teams. You can’t do their job for them, but you can make it easier.

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What is Employee Appreciation?

Employee Appreciation Definition

Appreciating your employees can take some time and effort, but it can also provide you with some important benefits. Employee appreciation can mean a lot of different things, too, or be handled in a number of ways that will provide insight and value to everyone involved. Whether you have an employee appreciation day at your workplace or you have employee appreciation gifts that you buy for milestone events or other reasons, it is very important for the workers in your company to feel like they matter. When employees feel appreciated, they work harder and do more for the company. They also focus their energy on the things that matter, and are generally more committed to their jobs.

But when an employee does not feel like they matter, or they do not feel heard or seen by the company, they can be very dissatisfied with their job and their morale may really suffer, too. Some employee appreciation quotes around the office, posted to the company’s online, internal newsletter, or in similar locations can help employees feel valued. But it is very important to understand that employees need to see more than just the quotes. They also need to see that the quotes are being taken seriously and that they are being incorporated into the treatment of employees in the workplace. Otherwise the quotes can fall flat, and different employee appreciation ideas might be a better option.

Some companies hold an employee appreciation week, where they showcase what they value about their employees and do some nice things for them. They may give gifts, praise, or other types of acknowledgment, and they may also work to address any concerns that employees have so those workers feel like their voices are being heard. Whether it is a week, a day, or just a couple of hours over a lunch break, there are a lot of employee appreciation gift ideas that can be considered valuable. It is not really about the gift itself, but it is more about whether the employees feel as though they are important to the company for what they bring to the table.

Benefits of Employee Appreciation

People will generally work harder when they feel like their efforts are appreciated. Simple but heartfelt employee appreciation messages can go a very long way toward ensuring that a person sees their own value, and showing them that the company sees their value, as well. Employee appreciation notes at their workstations or posted to an internal communication system are easy to create, and can make a big difference. If a customer appreciates something about an employee, that is also very important. Make sure the employee knows that their help or input was valued, so they are aware that they provided something the customer was truly looking for and that the customer had a good experience with them.

Creative ideas for employee appreciation can add to the way companies work to ensure that employees know they matter. These ideas do not have to be time-consuming or expensive, and they should be tailored to the employees and to the kind of career and culture those employees have. The type of job and the overall culture of the company and the people who work for it can go a very long way in determining what kind of employee appreciation ideas will really matter. What makes one employee feel valued may not work well at all for a different employee, and a company that is paying attention to its workers as individuals will see this and respond accordingly.

Improving Employee Appreciation

While employee appreciation is not always easy and companies can forget how much it matters sometimes, there are some very simple DIY employee appreciation gifts that companies can create or provide in order to help their employees feel valued. There are motivational quotes for employee appreciation that can be framed and offered as gifts, for example, or there could be an employee appreciation event where workers are treated to a meal, small gifts, a fun outing, or anything that workers have indicated would be important or valuable to them. But that is often the key to an improvement of employee appreciation – understanding what the employees want and need.

There are a lot of ways to show that someone matters. For example, it is possible to send an appreciation email to employee groups or even to individuals. But if it is a blanket email or form letter, and it is very generic or does not really address what the employee might have done that was valuable or why the company appreciates that employee, it generally will not make much difference when it comes to whether the employee feels appreciated. Being specific goes a long way. An employee appreciation poem or an employee appreciation speech could be very effective, if it comes from the heart and contains details that show management has been listening to what matters to its workers.

There are many employee appreciation sayings that have been used by companies all over the world. A company could choose from those options, or create something heartfelt of their own. Personalized employee appreciation ideas are also excellent choices because the personalization generally shows an employee that the company sees them as an individual and recognizes their specific accomplishments. While not every employee will enjoy a personalized gift, making sure the gift is something the employee needs or wants will go a very long way toward helping the employee feel that their contribution is valuable.

Employee Appreciation Survey

It is possible that an employee appreciation letter would be exactly what a worker was looking for. There are also employee appreciation games that can be played to get people involved in showing other people their value. But no matter what option is chosen, an employee appreciation survey can be a great way to find out what your employees need and want most. What kinds of changes are they looking for? What would make them feel like they are seen and heard? How can the company best show its workers that they matter? Asking the right questions is a good way to get strong, valuable answers.

With all of that in mind, giving employees a survey and finding out what kind of tokens of appreciation are important to them is a good first step to showing appreciation for your employees the right way. If a company tries to show its workers that they matter but does not go about it the right way, those efforts might be wasted. Rather than allow that to happen, it is important to focus on the kinds of efforts employees really need and want from their company. Not only will that help employees feel more valuable, but it will also help to ensure that employees are being heard by the companies they work for. That goes a very long way toward a better level of working together for the long term, as well.

Employee Appreciation Software

There are software programs that can help with employee appreciation. These programs are good for surveying employees, finding out what they want and need from a company, and then helping to implement appreciation programs. Whether you are printing out certificates to thank or recognize employees, or you want to create an appreciation game or a reward center where they can receive gifts for certain milestones, there are options when you use the right software for your needs and the needs of your employees, as well. Choose your software wisely, and make sure it will give you a wide range of opportunities for your employees and the appreciation they would really like to see for their efforts.

Some software options will definitely be better than others, depending on what a company wants to convey to its workers and what it wants to offer them as a show of appreciation. Because some software choices are not going to fit with the culture of a company or an industry as well as others will, taking the time to explore all of the choices provided and select the one that will offer the biggest benefit is well worth taking the time for. Employees can generally tell when appreciation is genuine, and the more time a company spends making good choices at the beginning, the fewer problems the company and the employees should experience with an appreciation program in the future.

Employee Appreciation Strategies

When it comes to employee appreciation, the strategies your company uses will matter. Choosing the strategies that employees have indicated are important to them is one of the best ways to make sure employees feel like they really are appreciated, and not just offered something because the company feels like it is supposed to do something for them. Employees can generally tell when the company actually cares about giving their workers what they need and showing them that they matter. By working with employees on the things they value, it is much easier to find ways to show them that they are appreciated for what they bring to the company.