Between third-party research firms and do-it-yourself form tools, there’s no shortage of solutions to choose from when facilitating your employee engagement survey. The trick is choosing which one will not only yield results, but actually improve your employee engagement.

At Emplify, we’ve combined psychometrically valid questions with a balanced survey frequency to provide you with clear, timely insights you can immediately act on for improved engagement.

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The Emplify Difference

Anyone can come up with a random assortment of questions to ask employees. But Emplify’s research team has carefully crafted each question based on the three psychological conditions of meaning, safety, and capacity so your results are based on true engagement instead of mere satisfaction.

Plus, through extensive research and field testing, we’ve devised the perfect sending frequency that combines annual and quarterly surveys, allowing employees to express feedback in a timely manner without overwhelming them on a regular basis.

mobile survey

Increase Response Rates With a Quick, Mobile Survey

Today, a whopping 83% of non-desk employees don’t have access to company email. That’s why Emplify combines email with the convenience of SMS to survey your employees no matter where they are. With an unprecedented average response rate of 90%, the Emplify survey only takes about seven minutes to complete, allowing your employees to voice their feedback and quickly get back to what they do best.

Employee Engagement Insights

Gather Actionable Insights to Improve Engagement

Unlike other solutions, Emplify survey results are broken down by department, role, division, or other groupings that fit your organization and help you more accurately pinpoint areas for improvement. Using your survey results, our services team will provide recommendations that you can immediately implement to boost engagement.

Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Avoid Survey Administration Hassles

You have a business to run—not a research firm. Let Emplify take care of creating, sending, and analyzing your survey, while also ensuring that each response remains anonymous. The best part? You get your results in weeks—not months—so you can take immediate action instead of letting the data sit idle.

What Customers Are Saying

Emplify allows me to do my job better by having a direct line to our employees. It helps me understand exactly how they’re feeling and allows me to get quick feedback on the issues I’m trying to solve.
Craig Anderson Student Connections
Craig Anderson

Student Connections

Emplify has allowed me to take a more behind-the-scenes look at what our employee engagement really is versus what I thought it was.
Steve Hatchel Arbor Homes
Steve Hatchel

VP, Sales and Marketing
Arbor Homes

It's like you guys are reading my mind. These survey results confirm things in my gut I've been wondering about, and now I have the objective data I need to make changes that will make our team better.
Jeffrey Huntley Jr. T-H Marine Supplies
Jeffery Huntley Jr.

General Manager
T-H Marine Supplies, Inc.

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