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If you’ve been struggling to fix a less-than-ideal company culture, there’s no amount of “quick tips,” perks, or overnight fixes that will do the trick. You don’t need more items added to your task list—you need a way to prove what you’re doing is valuable and worthwhile.

Emplify’s hassle-free employee engagement survey combines psychometrically valid questions with a balanced survey frequency to provide you with clear, reliable, and timely insights that give you a seat at the table to showcase the ROI of HR.

The Emplify Difference: The World’s Most Agile Engagement Survey

Unlike other employee engagement surveys, Emplify is the only solution that combines annual, quarterly, and follow-up surveys to create the perfect sending cadence, allowing employees to express feedback in a timely manner without overwhelming them on a regular basis.

We don’t settle for “one and done” either. We help you probe deeper for answers to your cultural challenges with focused questions based on your latest survey results for the most intentional action steps possible.

Simple Survey Administration

You have an HR team to run—not a research firm. Let Emplify handle the burden of survey administration by helping you:

  • Reduce survey stress by sending, compiling, and analyzing the data for you
  • Increase response rates with mobile-accessible surveys that are easy to take in six minutes or less
  • Keep results as valid as possible through third-party confidentiality

Trustworthy Insights

Anyone can come up with random questions to ask employees. But Emplify has carefully crafted each survey question based on 14 underlying drivers (like Role Clarity, PTO, and Fairness) so your results address true engagement instead of mere job satisfaction. Now you can pinpoint problem areas with segmented results by department, tenure, or role type, while charting engagement trends over time with easy-to-understand reports.

Targeted, Actionable Next Steps

With Emplify, you’re never left to analyze data on your own. Just think of us as a trusted partner that guides you through your results to uncover focused follow-up steps so you know exactly how to act on your data. The best part? With expert coaching and quarterly services, we hold you accountable to prioritize and deliver on the hard truths no one else is telling you.

Hear from our customers

“With the help of Emplify, we’re making decisions that not only make work better for our people, but have a real, measurable business impact. The work we’ve done on employee engagement has led to a 50% decrease in turnover.”

Kira Childers , Employee Engagement and Systems Manager, Ontario Systems
Kira Childers
Employee Engagement and Systems Manager, Ontario Systems

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“We have improved employee engagement and performance companywide. Productivity rose to 90% in 2019 (the highest in company history) and our billable revenue has increased by $2 million since we started working with Emplify.”

Nan Haver , President & CEO, Service Access Management, Inc.
Nan Haver
President & CEO, Service Access Management, Inc.

“I spent an extensive amount of time researching engagement measurement solutions and ultimately went with Emplify because of their coaching. I’ve been thrilled with the results so far. The insights have been valuable and the coaching has been world-class!”

Sue Joyce , VP of Employee Success, Terminus
Sue Joyce
VP of Employee Success, Terminus

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