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Employee of the Month: Motivate and Engage Your Workforce

Here are 7 employee recognition ideas for the business-focused leader.

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Employee of the Month

What is an Employee of the Month?

Employee of the Month Definition

The employee of the month is a designation given to a worker who has done an exemplary job, or who’s gone above and beyond for that company in the proceeding month. Usually, the employee of the month for February, for example, is someone who did a great job in January. Not all companies have an employee of the month, and it can be more difficult to do if the company is very small. That can result in the same person winning the honor over and over again, which doesn’t really create much motivation. Still, getting an employee of the month certificate can help someone feel valued by the company.

When you have a much bigger company, employee of the month can become a more coveted title. There’s a higher level of competition, and there’s the prestige of parking your car in the spot with the employee of the month parking sign. But that’s not all the advantages. Someone who has become employee of the month has also been noticed by the manager or owner for being a good employee, and for doing more than was required of them. They might have worked extra hard for some reason, or spent more time with a customer. Maybe they landed a big account, or did something really amazing.

No matter what they did, having an employee of the month program they can be part of is one of the best ways to keep your employees interested in working harder and going above and beyond for your company’s customers. An employee of the month trophy can be based on whatever criteria your company sets, as long as you keep it consistent. In other words, you can’t keep changing what the company values in their employees, because that makes it unfair to the people who are competing for the employee of the month plaque or whatever other item you’re giving out to that worker.

Benefits of Selecting an Employee of the Month

Selecting an employee of the month for your business has a lot of good benefits you’ll want to consider. The biggest benefit, though, is the higher level of work you’ll get from your employees. They want to have the designation of being the employee of the month, so they try to do things better, faster, and more proficiently. By doing that, the get more done for your company and make sure customers are taken care of properly. That’s good news for you and your customers, and can provide your company with a method of increasing effort if your workforce without specifically asking more of the employees.

Another benefit of having an employee of the month is that it means everyone in the company elevates themselves and their standards. If your employee of the month is a likable person, more people in the company want to be like that person. The company’s culture changes and adjusts, in ways that make it better and improve working relationships. A simple employee of the month award can make a big difference, and the award doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. It’s more about the acknowledgement, and less about the item used to acknowledge the person specifically.

A company that has employee of the month awards also has the opportunity to attract a better talent pool. That’s because an employee of the month program shows that the company believes in worker appreciation. When a company “sees” its workers and acknowledges them when they do good things, more people want to work for that company. They feel that the company will value them, and will appreciate the talents they can bring to the table. If they have the choice between that company and one where they don’t have a chance at recognition, they’ll be much more likely to choose a company that notices them.

Improving Employee of the Month Value

As a company owner or manager, you want to show that you value the employees. That means giving them something for being employee of the month. If there’s no value to the employee when they get that designation, employees won’t care too much about working toward that level of acknowledgement. Because of that, you’ll need to focus on the employee of the month nomination and the kind of criteria that goes into it. Who can nominate an employee and for what reasons will matter. How an employee will be chosen from the nominations is also important.

You can use an employee of the month nomination form, as a way to let people tell you all the good that employees are doing. You may want to give your customers that opportunity, and you may also want it to be an option for other employees, too. There are plenty of great reasons to nominate someone for employee of the month, and when you let other people tell you about those reasons you get even better feedback on the employees in your company and what they really have to offer. Some of them may be doing great things that will really surprise you, and that you want to know about when making your decision.

Employee of the Month Survey

You can take a survey of the employees in your company, not just for who should be employee of the month but for what criteria should be used and what kinds of awards should be given out. Nomination examples for employee of the month can be given, so that your employees can provide you with plenty of feedback and suggestions. Employee of the month ideas can be very helpful, and it also lets the employees feel like they’re a part of the process of everything. Even an employee of the month meme can be a way to liven things up and get your workers to enjoy the process of helping you create proper criteria.

A lot of employees like being surveyed, because they feel as though their voice is being heard. Would your workers like an employee of the month pin they could wear? What about an employee of the month sign they can put on their desk? By asking them what they really want and what they would value, you can get great ideas for how to help make the selecting of an employee of the month better and easier. Some employees won’t find this type of designation important, but many employees will feel that there’s a lot of value in being recognized for doing good, instead of only punished for doing something wrong.

Employee of the Month Software

Using software to help select an employee of the month can be a way to make the process more fair to everyone involved. People need to see that what they have to offer is being noticed, and an employee of the month board where they will be recognized along with others is a great way to show that you have a commitment to your workers. But where should the board go? How should the choosing of an employee be handled? When and how should the employee be told? These are all questions that can be asked in the survey, and then incorporated into software that will keep the process running smoothly.

The more smoothly the process operates, the more easily it can become an integral part of the company’s culture. That, in and of itself, is an excellent reason to use software to set criteria and choose employees who are worthy. Then you can work on the other areas workers might want to know about, such as employee of the month board ideas, decorating plans, size and prominence of the board, and much more. You can also create an employee of the month template using software, so you can keep everything looking uniform. An employee of the month certificate template ensures that everyone gets the same thing when winning.

Employee of the Month Strategies

As you consider your strategies for moving forward and making choices, consider some employee of the month quotes that may be helpful to you. It’s very important to know why you’re choosing someone as a very important employee for a particular month. There will be some months where the choice is exceedingly obvious, but there will be other months when it’s a very close call. Using a set of criteria that’s fair to everyone is the only way to do it right. When you choose your employee for a particular month, consider an employee of the month frame they can put on their desk.

If they want to use it for their certificate they can, but they may also want to use it for personal pictures that matter to them. There are a number of important ways to make people feel valued, and employee of the month is only one of those ways. Still, it can be a very important aspect of working for a company, and can provide quality and value from the people who are competing to win the coveted title. Helping to elevate your employees as a group is rarely a bad thing, and it’s one of the significant aspects of choosing to have an employee of the month.