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Engage Your Mobile Workforce with a Branded Mobile App

Improve quality of work and productivity for long-term business value

Research shows that organizations with a high level of employee engagement report 22% higher productivity, consequently impacting your output, goal achievement, and even bottom line. But engaging employees can be difficult, especially when your workforce is distributed across various locations.

Building a branded employee engagement app allows you to reach employees wherever they are for increased alignment on company goals, communication with teams, and connectivity to company resources, resulting in unprecedented business success.

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Why Mobile?

Today’s employers are facing a real problem—more than 70% of employees are disengaged in their jobs, resulting in low productivity and increased turnover. Yet, communicating with a mobile workforce is difficult when email may not be available to some remote employees and intranets can pose both wireless accessibility and navigation challenges.

That’s why the most effective way to engage them is through the device they always have on hand—their mobile phone.

Engage mobile and remote workers through an employee app in order to:

  • ALIGN employees to your company vision and goals to increase motivation and productivity.
  • COMMUNICATE key company information through engaging app content and push messages without relying on an intranet or email.
  • CONNECT team members for increased collaboration through quick access to interactive, photo-based employee contact profiles.
  • DISCOVER what drives your employees’ engagement for ongoing improvement.