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Engagement Survey

Together we’ll find out what’s really going on with your people and how to take actions that deliver better business results.

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Employees need a simple and confidential way to share the truth about their work experience with the leaders who can make a difference. Your engagement strategy is only as strong as the data you collect, so we take that off your plate.

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Step 2: We’ll help you discover insights.

A good survey will confirm a few hunches and uncover some blind spots, but expert data analysis will reveal the story beneath the surface. Trust your Employee Engagement Consultant to read between the lines.

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Step 3: We’ll help align your leadership team.

Even with clear insights, execution will fail if senior leaders aren’t aligned. Your Employee Engagement Consultant will present a 3rd party perspective on wins and risks to your entire leadership team so they walk away unified with clear action priorities.

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Engagement Survey

What is an Engagement Survey?

Engagement Survey Definition

There are some great ways to get employees more focused on their work, and to find out what they need to be successful and help the company grow and prosper. One of those ways is through an engagement survey to find out what the employees like about their job and the company. If there are problems that are causing employees to disengage and back away from their work or their commitment to the company, it may be possible to correct those issues in order to encourage employees to stay engaged with their work and do more for the company.

A workforce engagement survey can be used to get the information needed by the company, so changes can be made if employees aren’t as engaged as they should be or need to be. There’s a reason why employees aren’t engaged, and if they’re not working at their optimal level due to a lack of interest in their job or a work environment that’s not healthy, it’s important to make sure their concerns are heard and understood. That way they get the opportunity to provide information that could help the company be more successful, and the company gets the chance to improve things for their employees, too. Employee engagement survey questions can help get that exchange of information started.

Benefits of an Engagement Survey

There are a lot of benefits to a Gallup engagement survey, because it gives the company and its employees the opportunity to focus on questions that are commonly asked and that will direct the conversation the right way. Being able to ensure that the survey is handled properly can mean that employees have a better chance of being heard. The company will get important information, and the Gallup employee engagement survey will ask questions that are typical of quality engagement surveys. While it’s possible to create a survey that’s unique to the company, that should only be done with care and with a basis in a survey that has a proven track record.

The reason for that is due to the value of the survey. Getting the full benefit from a survey of employee engagement can only be done with the right engagement survey questions so employees provide the company with the proper information. Engagement survey results should be concise, but they should also address the areas where employees are really having trouble and where they’re uncertain about the treatment they’re receiving or the value they’re getting from their jobs. Companies that take this serious will consider the top employee engagement survey vendors when choosing a survey to use for their employees.

When the benefits of an engagement survey are fully realized, companies that work with these surveys can get a good picture of what employees think about the company and the work they do for that company. That gives employees options, and helps them focus on the need to work with the company to make things better for everyone. Companies really should work as teams, but that’s not easy if the level of employee engagement is low. To increase the level of engagement, employees will want to spend time being honest about the issues they see at the company, and the company should listen to what the employees need, as well.

Improving an Engagement Survey

The average cost of employee engagement surveys should be considered, especially for a company that’s going to use a base level survey and then add their own questions or spin to what they’re already asking. Best practices for employee engagement surveys encourage doing things this way. There are some common questions that are important for any company or industry to ask their employees, but then there may also be significant questions that are specific to a company, department, or other type of working environment. Because of that, an employee engagement survey template can be a good place to start.

From the template, a company can focus on a diversity engagement survey and other specifics that give more insight into what employees need and want. There are a lot of important aspects of an employee survey, and diversity is only a part of what might be causing a lack of engagement. When a company discovers the main reasons behind a lack of employee engagement, then the company can start focusing on what they can do to make the level of engagement a better one for those employees and any new ones that come on board at a later date. Potential employees will be interested in knowing what the company is doing, as well.

Employee engagement survey companies understand the value of making good surveys that really get to the heart of the issue. That’s why engagement survey providers are so focused on providing a number of surveys that can all be used by different types of companies and different industries, too. There’s no reason to use a template or survey that’s not going to work well for your company or industry when there are options that will be a better fit. Engagement survey companies can work with you, to create custom options for your departments or a specific area of the company where engagement seems low or turnover may be higher than expected.

Engagement Survey Importance

The importance of an engagement survey is significant, and engagement survey vendors know that what they do matters. These surveys can not only help companies be more successful and lower their turnover rates, but they can also help employees have their voices heard and get important changes made at their jobs. That can lead employees who might otherwise leave to decide to stay instead, and that’s good for the employees and the companies that hire them. Another part of the ROI on engagement surveys is in bringing new employees to the company through making valuable changes that encourage people to want to work there.

If a potential employee hears about how the company listens to employees, surveys them, and tries to make changes to help them, that’s likely going to be the kind of company the potential employee wants to work for. While those kinds of things won’t matter to everyone, they’re certainly important to a number of people who are looking for work and may be focused on a particular company or industry. A staff engagement survey and a manager engagement survey can help divide the two areas of the company and get individual insight on each one so appropriate and necessary changes can be made.

Engagement Survey Software

A lot of companies look at the use of engagement survey software in order to make sure they’re getting all the questions into the survey that are right for them and their employees. Different industries have different hot button issues and common problems, which means that companies and employees will need to work together to address those concerns in order to make the working environment the most successful for everyone involved. With the right software that’s targeted to the industry and then narrowed down to the company, a more efficient picture of engagement issues can be discovered.

The right software for engagement surveys also means the company can let a vendor handle the issue and feel confident that they’ll get the answers they’re looking for. The employees will also be more likely to answer the survey questions when it comes from a professional company that’s in the business of creating and processing surveys for employee engagement, diversity, and other facets of the workplace. As employees work through the survey questions, they can feel like they’re getting their voices heard and like the company they work for cares enough about them to ask what could make their working experience a better one.

Engagement Survey Strategies

There are several strategies that could be used for engagement surveys, but the best one is the one that works for the company and the employees that are involved with it. An engagement survey is designed to make sure that employees feel good about the work they’re doing and that they want to stay on with the company. But any company that’s trying to get employees to feel that way needs to find out why they don’t feel good about their working environment and what kinds of things would make it better. Not everything an employee wants can be given to them, but there are usually concessions that can be made to help employees feel better about their employment situation.

Whether a company creates its own engagement survey or decides to choose a vendor or a template to work with, it’s very important that employees see the value of the survey itself. If they don’t see the point of being asked to take the survey, if the survey’s too long, or if they don’t find the questions relevant to their actual concerns, it’s not going to help the company or the employees in ways that actually matter. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options for an engagement survey strategy, and companies can work with professionals to find the one that’s right for their needs.