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General Questions

Emplify helps business leaders make sense of the many dynamics at play in their workforce. Emplify’s employee engagement measurement platform fuses advanced survey technology and proven methodology with human strategists, to identify the specific actions leaders can take to continually improve employee, manager, and team performance.

Emplify can help resolve common workforce pain points including high employee turnover, low employee engagement, low productivity or performance, low morale, employee burnout, a stale company culture, and lack of employee feedback or voice, as well as challenges that come along with a distributed or multi-generational workforce or major organizational change.

Bain & Co. recently published a statistic that “Engaged staff are 44% more productive than satisfied staff.” A satisfied employee is not necessarily an engaged employee. While meeting an employee’s basic needs (e.g., fair pay, benefits, job security) may be enough to retain them, it does not ensure engagement or productivity.

Emplify’s software measures 14 drivers of true employee engagement, allowing business leaders to get to the root of any underlying issues or roadblocks that may be preventing their teams from reaching their full potential. Truly engaged employees are deeply invested in their work. They’re energized by new challenges and motivated to helps the company achieve its mission and goals.

Our CEO wrote a blog post on this very topic. Click here to read it!

Organizations are constantly changing, adapting, and evolving. Both internal and external factors can cause a dramatic change in the level of engagement at your company. It’s much easier to prevent fires than to put them out once they’ve spread.

Consistently measuring your company’s level of engagement will help keep your team motivated and high-performing, enabling them to meet both individual and company-wide goals.

Absolutely. Check out our customer case studies here, or feel free to read customer reviews on Emplify’s G2 Crowd page.

Pricing of the Emplify platform is based on your company’s employee count, and is priced annually. If you’re interested in seeing how much Emplify would cost for your company, please contact us here, and our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Our Software

Of course! Click here to book a personalized live demo of the Emplify solution. Get an up-close look at how we can help your people do the best work of their careers.

Emplify is designed to be used by executive teams, but can also be accessed by up to 100 individual managers for viewing survey results and data from selected employee segments.

Yes. In order to generate honest, trustworthy employee feedback, we only show data for groups with at least 5 individuals.

Employees can participate in the Emplify survey via web, email, text message, or the Emplify mobile app. Any device with internet access can support the survey.

Yes. Our product supports multiple languages. Please contact us if you’d like to inquire about a specific one.

On average, it takes 6 minutes and 11 seconds to complete our survey.

Emplify’s quantitative survey is generally administered quarterly, but we work with our customers to determine what aligns best with their business. Additionally, qualitative questions can be sent to specific employee segments anytime throughout the year.

No. The Emplify platform is accessible on any internet browser or on the Emplify mobile app. Neither you nor your employees will need to install any software.

The results of your survey campaigns can be viewed on our web dashboard immediately after responses are submitted. However, we typically allow a span of four days for respondents to submit their answers once the survey is administered.

When you become an Emplify customer, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Uploading employee data and deciding how you wish to segment your groups.
  • Deciding when you want Emplify to deploy your quantitative survey.
  • Jumping on a call with your Engagement Strategist to review results and get insight into best next steps.

Our Methodology

Engagement is an accurate indicator of “how it’s going” at work. It quantifies the impact of decisions made at the global and local levels. Thus, engagement serves as a useful tool for understanding the effect of leadership on employees. Emplify’s methodology is built on the following agile principles:

  • Create a measure/learn/do feedback cycle
  • Focus on continuous improvement by aligning with the normal cadence of business strategy and action (quarterly)
  • Move control and responsibility down the organization so that each level is capable of operationalizing engagement with their own team, department or group
  • Better understanding of what’s affecting their team’s performance
  • Shared language with senior management to discuss how decisions impact their teams
  • Identify opportunities to address things that might be misinterpreted or adversely affect the team
  • Shine a light on the actions they are taking to contribute to the company as a manager

Engagement Strategists

Emplify is an orange in the middle of an apple orchard. The human coaching component of our solution is one-of-a-kind. All employee engagement software companies provide employee feedback, but Emplify is the only one that doesn’t just hand you a bunch of data to make sense of on your own.

Our engagement strategists walk you through your data, analyze the results, and coach you on what specific actions to take in order to truly move the needle in your organization. We believe humans solve human problems.

To get a full demo of Emplify, you can request one here.

Yes. This is our secret sauce — no other engagement measurement company puts as much emphasis on human results coaching as Emplify does.

We pair every customer with an Employee Engagement Strategist, a trusted advisor to help you understand your results and identify the specific actions to take to improve engagement and employee and manager performance.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed looking at a large amount of data? Of course… we all have. That’s why we give you a partner to help turn the data into action.

Our engagement strategists have accumulated over 1,500 results briefings with company executives, helping them interpret their survey data and pinpoint what actions to take to improve engagement throughout your organization.

Consultants are fabulous at knowing how to solve problems, but often they don’t have the hard data to know where to focus, or even whether their initiatives are working well or not.

Our Employee Engagement Strategists know our data and product better than anyone, and that combined with hundreds of conversations a year with customers like you, makes a powerful impact on your organization. We work well with consultants who want to know where to focus and to measure their impact.


We take the data from employees and construct scores, graphs, charts, and heat maps that can be filtered by segments such as department and location, to hone in on specifically where drivers of engagement are strong or weak. These various data presentations are always available to you and your leaders on our Emplify web portal.

The survey results can be segmented into the following categories: Department, Gender, Generation, Ethnicity, Tenure, Location, Compensation, Role, Shift, and Team/Manager, as well as one Customizable segment.

  • Emplify benchmarks each organization’s engagement score by comparing it to other companies in the same industry.
  • We normalize each organization’s driver results against an index of similar companies.
  • Our engagement strategists provide benchmark information by anecdotally sharing how others have successfully tackled similar situations that your company is experiencing.

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