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Data-Driven Employee Engagement Surveys & Feedback

Mobile Access

Get truth you can act on.

Gain deeper insight into your organization with data-driven surveys that give you honest feedback from your workforce. In just six minutes and 11 seconds, you’ll have the actionable employee engagement data you need to improve the culture of your workplace.

Mobile Surveys

Accessible feedback anytime, anywhere.

With surveys that are accessible via mobile app, text, email, and web, Emplify is the leader in employee engagement insights and analytics for remote and desktop workforce employers that value their people. Our survey reaches every employee (both in and out of the office), so you’ll eliminate communication barriers and encourage real feedback that helps you see exactly where employee disengagement is happening, and what you should do about it.

Turn data into actionable insights.

Our agile process gives you the tools to start improving employee engagement and maximizing its impact on your business.

with a quick and easy survey administered by Emplify to obtain your engagement score in a matter of days.

problem areas through results analysis with Emplify’s engagement experts and SmartPulse surveys.

issues by prioritizing pain points in your survey results and developing a focused plan of action.

Unlock the true potential of your people.

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