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Valuable Feedback with Data-Driven SmartPulse Surveys

Desktop Pulse Surveys

Empower your employees by asking the right questions in the right context.

Great questions have the power to disarm defensiveness, uncover solutions, and spark change within an organization. But an effective question requires more than just the right words—it also needs the right context. SmartPulse frames open-ended questions within a context that encourages employees to take ownership of the potential solution, rather than relying on management to fix the problem.

Mobile Pulse Surveys

Target the right teams.

Gain deeper insight by asking specifically targeted questions to the groups that are most meaningful to your organization. Our engagement experts will help you define employee groupings (i.e. teams, shifts, role types, etc.) based on what makes sense for your business. They’ll also work with you to determine which groups require additional attention, so that you can use SmartPulse to get to the root of what’s blocking their progress.

Remote Worker Pulse Surveys

Accessible anytime, from anywhere.

With the help of SmartPulse, you’ll have the ability to easily solicit feedback from your remote workforce.

SmartPulse technology caters to non-desk workers by providing multiple options for gathering pulse feedback (email, text, web, mobile app), so you’ll eliminate communication barriers and encourage real feedback from your employees.

Coaching Pulse Surveys

A Partner in Turning Chatter Into Action

Once the survey is complete, we partner with you to review and analyze your results to uncover important trends and patterns from your data. We work to ensure that you’re not overwhelmed with meaningless data, and guide your team towards a plan that’s focused on culture-changing initiatives.

Unlock the true potential of your people.

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