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Discover People Insights

Discover People Insights

Even the best data is useless without a proper analysis. Don’t navigate the data alone.

How It Works

We spend hours identifying risks, wins, and trends in the data so you don’t have to.

We combine our data expertise and your insider knowledge to dial in the key narratives your executive team needs to know.

We help you translate employee engagement data into the language your executive team speaks — business metrics.

Experts you can trust

Our team of People Insights Consultants has extensive experience in executive coaching and organizational development. From the beginning, these are your data experts, thought partners, and source of credibility when sensitive data needs to be communicated to leaders.

Slice and dice the data

Review results with your People Insights Consultant to gain insight about specific teams or divisions — or the entire company. From there, we filter the data by key attributes like generation, location, gender, ethnicity, and more to show you the wins and improvement areas.

Dig deeper on important issues, fast

In addition to running the numbers, we review open-ended comments and organize them into key themes. Dynamic Feedback helps you listen to frontline employees without getting overwhelmed by too much information.

How does working with an expert at Emplify make a difference?

Katie Cox Branham, Director of People Operations, SalesLoft

Unlock the true potential of your people.