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Equip Managers To Act

Your engagement strategy will succeed or fail at the hands of frontline managers — the people who can most impact your employees.

How It Works

We set managers up for success with clear communication from corporate and talking points for their teams.

We recommend actions to each manager based on the unique needs of their team.

We show you which managers might need help, and which ones deserve recognition among their peers.

Coaching and Accountability

Our services are designed to meet the unique leadership needs of your organization. We help you identify which managers need development and connect them with a People Insights Coach for one-on-one coaching.

Action Planning for Managers

Managers should never feel out of the loop. We give them access to their own team’s results along with recommended actions and a vast library of resources.

Monitor Progress

The Action Tracking Dashboard gives HR real-time visibility into organization-wide progress. Gain visibility into managers to see who needs a nudge, and who is finding success you can spread.

How do you help managers engage teams?

Jennifer Stauffer, Emplify Coaching Services Manager

Unlock the true potential of your people.