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Gather Employee Feedback

Business results don’t happen without a strong feedback loop between employees and leaders.

How It Works

We do all the legwork to maximize employee participation and produce comprehensive data.

We help you rally employees behind your initiative by communicating the positive impacts they can expect.

We handle every step of the surveying process for you and ensure the results are reliable and actionable.

Trust the science

The Engagement Assessment is statistically reliable and routinely validated by Ph.D. experts. We quantify employee engagement levels and measure the presence of 17 underlying factors that drive engagement, such as Meaning, Goal Support, Autonomy, and Utilization. That’s how we turn complex human issues into clear and actionable insights for leaders.

Reach every employee

As a trusted third party, our method is confidential and gives employees a safe place to share honest feedback. The assessment can be taken on any device via email or SMS text and takes only seven minutes to complete. Every employee’s voice counts.

Get the full story with Dynamic Feedback

Within seconds after completing the Engagement Assessment, employees receive an AI-generated, open-ended question based on their individual assessment results. Dynamic Feedback is contextual, clarifying, and gives employees an anonymous opportunity to share ideas to solve the most pressing issues.

Case Study

Emplify’s Pixie Dust at Work: How One Team Went from Least to Most Engaged

Unlock the true potential of your people.