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How to Improve Employee Communications

We’ve Been There

Emplify is a business just like you. We’ve done email. We’ve tried Slack. We have a number of internal systems that keep us going. But it wasn’t until we truly addressed our engagement that our employees really started connecting. Today, our leadership cuts through the clutter with push notifications that inform, alert, and even poll employees for better insight into engagement. See for yourself!

Traditional communication tools create numerous siloed conversations throughout the company that you have no control over. When communication is employer to employee, you can influence the message to inspire and motivate your team while giving them a voice through a simple and effective feedback channel.

The Art and Science of Improving Communications

We get it—solving this problem is hard. But adding more systems to the mix can be like throwing gasoline on a fire. Instead of making the problem worse with employee communication apps, using an employer-to-employee app will help streamline your company messages through efficient delivery and the right context. Here’s how we approach effective internal communications:

Science: Get your message across.

Cutting through the clutter and meeting employees where they are is half the battle. Now that 83% of workers own smartphones, having your company messages available in an app ensures they can receive and access them whenever and wherever they are.

Art: Deliver the right message with context and expectations.

More than just being heard, Emplify services give you access to a live consultant that will help you effectively craft your company messages using best practices and proven tactics so your employees feel engaged and in the know.

Mobile Communications

The Emplify Difference

Communications tools come a dime a dozen these days. With Emplify, you get a holistic approach to your employee engagement instead of just tool in your belt. You get:

  • An all-in-one mobile app that employees can take with them anywhere
  • Tools for sending highly-personalized push messages that reach employees anywhere
  • Access to send easy, yet meaningful polls that give you insight into employees’ engagement
  • The ability to measure your employee engagement and improve it through data

Unlock the true potential of your people.

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