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Leadership Quiz Resources

Your quiz was based on our cofounder, Adam Weber’s book Lead Like A Human. A great next step on your leadership journey is downloading this workbook.

It provides exercises on the 6 sections from your quiz, turning lessons into action.

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Step 1: Centeredness

17 minutes

You can read all the leadership books and listen to every podcast, but many of the tactics will fall short until you work on yourself.

Step 2: Activate Your Purpose

How To Motivate Employees

15 minutes

Do you know why your company exists? The answer goes beyond your mission statement or your brand promise.

Step 3: Define Your Values

core values

16 minutes

Join us for a discussion on the importance of establishing your core values so you can pursue your company purpose.

Step 4: Setting Goals

10 minutes

Setting goals seems like an overdone topic, yet we find leaders are approaching it like another to-do or worse…a to-don’t.

Step 5: Continual Improvement

10 minutes

Continual improvement is the consistent pursuit of self-development, and it starts with you, the leader.


Step 6: Using Data

17 minutes

Without data, managers and leaders must rely solely on their gut instinct to make decisions.

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