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Free Manager Tools From Emplify

Managing a team in 2020 is hard. Real-time insights and resources tailored to your situation can make it a little easier. We’re here for you.

Employee Well-being Assessment Tool

Managing your team is about more than making sure your team is getting the job done. You have to make sure they have what they need to do the job. You need to address unexpected situations that may arise.

Here at Emplify, we know that data and clear insights can help you understand exactly what’s going on and how to respond. Here are three free tools for you to gauge how your employees are doing.

All three tools will provide you with real-time feedback from your team how they’re feeling and adjusting to the realities of work today.

Free Tool

COVID-19 Work From Home Assessment

Get your team’s feedback on how working from home works for them

Work From Home Survey
Free Tool

COVID-19 Well-Being Assessment

Learn how the pandemic affects your team’s productivity and mental well-being

COVID-19 Well-being Survey
Free Tool

Diversity & Inclusion Progress Assessment

Strengthen your team with their perspectives on diversity in your organization

Diversity & Inclusion Survey