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401 – A Kid in Clown Shoes | Adam Weber

Feb 27, 2020 | 00:00

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Episode Description

In the first episode of Season 4, we are taking an inside look into Adam Weber, Co-founder and Chief People Officer at Emplify. The role of Chief People Officer is a newer appointment within the company as well as many other organizations across the nation.

In the introductory conversation with Adam, we explore why this role is important, what it entails, and when companies should consider filling it.

You can expect to learn from Adam, over the course of this season, all the missteps, successes, and insights he’s gained since taking on this position.  


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Episode Transcription

Welcome back to Insights on Employee Engagement podcast from Emplify. If you're new to the show or have been with us from the beginning, we're glad that you're joining.

Now, before we get into the meat of today's episode, I want to make sure to invite both new and returning listeners to do one thing this season. Engage with me, your guide. We've got some amazing seasons mapped out for you this year. But we want to make sure that we are giving you the content that you need most. So if you ever had feedback, suggestions or just want to connect. Be sure to e-mail me directly at podcast at emplify dot com. That's It's hard to believe we are well into 2020. I saw a meme over the weekend that said January has felt like an eternity while February has just flown by and it's so true. Can you believe it's already been three months since we launched our last series? Well, in that time we had Emplify. We're working on creating a 2020 trends report on employee engagement, and the report is created for you, for strategic people, leaders. And this season, we're gonna be digging into what that role really embodies. We'll be sharing the latest employee engagement trends, effective feedback strategies, the turnover risks that you may not even be aware of, and how employee engagement, not satisfaction, is the key. And a true driver of business performance. Yeah, that's a lot. But that's why we have an episode to dove further into each topic. Now, I know I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here. I'm sorry. I'm just really excited to get into the season. So before we move on, I just want to get us all on the same page about what a strategic people leader really is. It's this shift from doer to solver, someone within the organization who is focused on more than traditional compliance focused. H.R. functions. They have a seat at the executive table and are focused on taking care of an organization's number one asset, its people. Now that can seem a little theoretical. So let me introduce you to one of our own strategic people, leaders, Adam Weber. His title here to Emplify is Chief People Officer or CPO, not to be confused with chief product officer. One thing that I know you'll love about Adam is how transparent and humble he is.

Like I said, I'm Adam. I'm happily married to my wife Kara for 13 years. I have two boys. They're ten and eleven. Their interests are chess climbing and wood whittling right now, which tells you a little bit about me, too. I'm an avid birdwatcher, and so mostly hopefully that lets you know that everything you're going to hear is going to feel a little bit nontraditional, which is what I like.

I thought it'd be helpful to get an inside look into who Adam is. He's a co-founder at Emplify. And as I just shared. He's also our CPO, which is a newer appointment within the company. I asked Adam to give us some insights, pun intended, into how he got into the role he's in today. Basically, why was this position even needed? And his short answer is we had enough people to make the position possible. Now, what that means for you and your organization can be totally different. One thing Adam is passionate about in his new role is this concept of the lab. And instead of paraphrasing and potentially ruining its meeting, I asked Adam to explain what the lab means at Emplify.

I'm really excited about building what I call lab concept, who people look at Emplify. We're on the leading edge of this employee engagement journey. And how do leaders and managers drive performance and unlock what people are capable of inside their organization to create healthy, vibrant cultures and companies? And so they look to us to see what we're doing that is on the leading edge or what is innovative to help create these types of environments. That's what I really view my role as. I view myself, obviously, as the chief people officer of the people of Emplify. But I also we're trying to create an environment here where we we share out with the world what we're working on so that we know as we try things and fail or try things and succeed, we're open with them so other people can learn and borrow. And a lot you know, the people who use a tool like ours are usually strategic people, leaders. And we're trying you know, we want to be the hub for them. We want to be the place they go to learn how they can continue to evolve on that strategic people journey.

That's why we are so excited for Adam to join us on the Insights show this season to share the missteps, to celebrate the successes and to help us all on a similar journey from season to season. Adam shares with me how it's Bensons beginning the role.

Since I've started I the metaphor I've used. I feel like a kid wearing clown shoes, like I'm still learning myself. This is a topic that I've obviously have spent a lot of time researching and studying and conversations, but I'm I'm learning myself as well. This is a new journey for me. And so I think what I'm learning, though, is that what I'm committed to is still trying new things consistently. And so I will definitely be a resource where you don't become an entrepreneur because. Scared to fail. So I'll put stuff out there and I'll share what's working, and I will also share my likely failures that are going to come along as well.

We are in store for some great lessons from Adam. And you're gonna get a chance to learn all of this over the next four weeks. Adam and our guests will go deeper into the employee engagement trends for 2020. And, of course, guided by yours truly. In the meantime, if you'd like to learn more about Adam's lab concept or ask him any questions directly, you can.

I think the easiest way to find me is just to send me a Linked-In connection and reference the podcast.

And I'll respond to you there and hopefully you all know where to find me. Please be sure to subscribe to this podcast to not miss any future episodes.

And next week we're going deeper into that strategic people officer role. The evolution from traditional HR and how it will all impact you.