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Bite-Size Insights 2: What does bold leadership mean for your organization?

May 12, 2020 | 00:00

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Episode Description

This week’s bite-size insights feature Emplify’s Co-Founder and Chief People Officer, Adam Weber. He posted a status update on LinkedIn that went unexpectedly viral, receiving nearly 3 million views.

Clearly his content struck a chord. How did he come to this decision? What does it mean to show up for your team? For Adam, we are in a season that calls for bold leadership. Hear how it’s showing up for him.

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Episode Transcription

Nicole [00:00:03] Hey, insight's listeners. Nicole here. Thanks so much for tuning in. Now, as you know, we've created a new style of episode to help give you the content you need in an even more digestible format bite size, you might say. All of the taste with none of the calories. All right. Forgive me. I think that quarantine might be starting to get to me. So for today, I asked amplifies own co-founder and chief people officer Adam Weber to come on and share about his exciting week. Last Monday, he posted a status on LinkedIn and well, I went unexpectedly viral, receiving nearly 3 million views. Clearly, his content struck a chord. And we wanted to hear his perspective on why it resonated with so many people and what you can learn from.

Adam [00:00:53] I had no idea that I would get the reaction that I have, and I do think it's clear that it is. That message is resonating. And what it was we announced to our team that we won't be working Friday May, one of the things I shared was that we use data to make that decision. And one of the most common questions I got was how did you use data to drive back to me to arrive at that? So what I I do is peel back the curtain and share how well we did it, amplify where an engagement measurement company. And so we use our own engagement data to inform our own decision making. And in addition to that, we've been running this Cobbett specific assessment for over sixteen hundred companies. And so we also are looking at the metadata and those trends. So let let me first start by our own engagement survey and share what I found from our company. So we work, we measure 17 drivers and 15-M them. We're doing great. And two of them were what we call in the red. One was capacity, which is a belief that the organization enables employees the emotional and psychological resources needed to invest in their role. And then the other one that was low was rest. The organization gives employees a sense that they can take time off when they need it. And so when you combine those two drivers together and know that everything else with strong, the data was clear that we as an organization had to do more than just tell our people to take time off when they need it, which is what we've done historically as an unlimited PPO company. And in addition to that, we layer in looking at, you know, with this new covered specific tool. We've been analyzing the data of more than 16000 employees who've signed on in just the last month. And what we've seen across the board is really similar, like we're not alone. There is a like. Employees are experiencing a type of burnout that they've never experienced before. And for the first time ever, that burnout is not caused by work. It's caused by life outside of work. And so it's this balance. It's not just that many people are working from home for the first time. It's that they have all of their home life and all these new pressures and a global pandemic and work. And so if we're not cautious of that, we're burning our team out. And when we burn our teams out, we're not driving high-performance. We're not driving and creating high-performance teams. And so I share all that to say that when you use data to inform your decision making, you can make bold decisions and you can feel confident about them, of course, making a decision like that. You know, I think without data, it wouldn't be wise. It would be like any other initiative where you're just guessing because we had the data, we felt confident in that data. We were able to show courage and be bold and do something unique. And by doing that, then I think that's why it resonated with the market. So my hope, I guess, for other leaders is the same, that this is a season for bold leadership to really step up and to give you confidence in this season, create using data as the foundation of those decisions is one of the ways that you can have confidence when you're making decisions during an unprecedented time.

Nicole [00:04:04] That is really astute and really I think shows that public leadership is listening to data just like you let in any other area of the business. I'm using it to inform strategic decisions to allow your people to do their best work. So along those lines, how are you thinking about the next step of this? How are you going to approach the follow up to this decision?

Adam [00:04:29] Yeah, great. Great question. Well, first, I'll say we made this decision really specific and timely. Like one of the reasons we measure every quarter is so we can make real time decisions that are in this moment. And so initially our thought is that this is a decision for right now and how long it lasts. I'm not sure. What I do know is that this is what our people need the very most right now in this season. And what we're going to do is we're going to monitor it. We're going to look over the next month and see what happens to productivity and what happens to engagement inside the company and all of those factors and then assess we're done. We're gonna share back our learnings, too, because we have you know, people are curious how this is going to impact our business. And then when we get, you know, as we get a little bit closer to the month, this again is where we're just one weekend to this. So we'll assess and then make the best decision using data for that moment. And this was what?

Nicole [00:05:23] Thanks so much for joining us this week for this bite-size Insights. Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode. And in the meantime, if you have questions or topics you'd like to see us cover. Please go to emplify dot com slash questions. That's Emplify dot com slash questions. And let us know what's on your mind. Stay safe, stay sane and we'll see you next week.