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Bite-Size Insights 6: How can leaders show up for their team digitally?

Jun 09, 2020 | 00:00

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Episode Description

In this season, we’ve all had to become digital leaders in a myriad of ways. This week we asked Santiago Jaramillo, Emplify’s CEO, and Adam Weber, Emplify’s Chief People Officer to provide us with practical insights around availability as leaders look to stay in front of their team and the organizations while being remote.

While Santiago and Adam share their recommendations, Sam Yoder joins again to provide some perspective to those leaders who are maintaining social distancing yet may be in an industry where remote working isn’t one hundred percent feasible.

What have you found to be successful in keeping your culture and people connected while you’re physically apart?

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Episode Transcription

[00:00:03] Hey, Insight's listeners, Nicole here and thanks for joining me for this week's Bite Size Insights Empowering People Leaders with best in class information.

[00:00:11] In 10 minutes or less in this season, we've all tried to become digital leaders in a myriad of ways. This week we asked Santiago Jaramillio Emplify CEO and Adam Weber amplified Chief People officer to provide us with practical insights around availability, especially as leaders look to stay in front of their team and the organizations while being remote. And while you'll hear Santiago and Adam share their recommendations, our own Sam Yoder joins again to provide some perspective for those leaders who are maintaining social distancing. Yet maybe in an industry where remote working isn't 100 percent feasible. What have you found to be successful in keeping your culture and people connected while you're physically apart?

[00:00:58] I think I've been focusing probably on two things that come to mind right now. Number one, I was pretty nervous of doing this and I almost like I like marketing to help me make it like polished and like a script for it and everything. But I saw last Friday, I decided to record a short video. I think this five or six minutes from my backyard just on my iPhone is shaky and there is like ducks and birds in the background.

[00:01:23] And it was just me sharing what I was really proud of, the team sort of reinforcing legitimate highlights that happened in our team, but also finding ways to reinforce the skill sets and competencies that I know the organization is going to value even more in this next season. For us, it's scrappiness, agility and adaptability. Right. There's so much changing. These are things that we want to recognize and I want to get more of insight. Specifically found areas where highlights will present, where those things is what led to the witness to that agility and adaptability. So that was the first part. And the second part was more of a kind of a personal note from the CEO sharing how, you know, I realized that that week I had been feeling some grief, you know, for the world and everything that was going on and how my normal sort of motion there is to squash that down or emotions are bad and how what I was trying to lean into was to really feel and sort of let them pass over me and then use this as an opportunity to learn something about myself and grow as a person into sharing a really kind of vulnerable thing. It was really uncomfortable to share that vulnerability. And that was just kind of I guess this is the dumbest thing ever or the greatest or somewhere in between. And I truly didn't know when I sent it. And I was really just my heart was worn by the feedback that I got. And the team just really appreciated it. And, you know, I don't know. You know, it's like our culture is craving more often to city. Right. Lingfield videos. You look at that and they're like these kind of like Shaki videos of people walking and they're like intentional because they're not these sort of glossy produce things. People want to know sort of the person and the human behind the Polish. And it's uncomfortable to lean into that. But that I did.

[00:03:02] And I know I'm going to like want to commit to doing it every week, but I'm going to try to do it every week now. And so that that was just upping my communication frequency and cadence specifically with video that. And number two, we use slack in terms of just communication. And I've been a lot more active in those channels trying to actively find work, to recognize positive things happening and going on and just even just being active in the emoji. Clicking Right. Sort of those reactions, letting the team know that I'm that I'm present and supported in their thoughts or whatever it is that they need. And so that's my equivalent of being around in the office or of open office hours is is being really active sort of digitally in that way and participating and as many of the sort of culture events as we possibly can. We had a show until kind of a little programing culturally. And I talked about how to know if your tests love you because I own tasks and, you know, sort of silly things. And I think acknowledging our humanity right now, if a kid walks in or whatever, is realizing we're all in the same boat. Vibro and unprecedented times. We don't have to be sort of super glossy professionals. We're people. And, yes, we're going to get the job done. But acknowledging that we're human and I think that the team really appreciate seeing more of that, however uncomfortable it is, we don't want to take a big lunch and do something crazy risky. But we're like, what is a small risk for you look like it's showing your authenticity and vulnerability for your team would be the question that I might leave you with around that.

[00:04:32] I might just add a couple of practical things that are really similar. The one benefit I'll say to being digital is that I have a lot more time, like not in meetings where in media it is hard to face time with me during the day. I'm in meetings all the time, but here, since you're digital, you do multiple things at once. So, you know, three to five people a day. I just ask, how are you? And I've just been trying to go throughout the entire company, just checking in on people. And I know different people. There's different ways that you can let people know that you're present. So that's been one thing I've done. I do try to hop on the water cooler as well, or like I got a puppy three weeks ago, which was great timing, by the way. I like doing things like that. Even if I have five free minutes, like trying to hop on the water cooler, things like that. And I know it's difficult, but the first two weeks I was doing great. This week I kind of tanks and my ability to make myself, you know, available for things like that.

[00:05:22] So, yeah. And in non digital world. Right. Some of you are in non digital worlds that are you have people who work in manufacturing floor as Erics, you have tried to social distance by having management teams in the office for two weeks and then you have met a no and then a different part of the management team is in the office the other two weeks.

[00:05:40] Right. So you flip flopping. Right. So some other things I get out of there for social distancing, but also keeping leadership presence, writing teams notes and posting it in their workspaces, even walking through the floor and maybe waving. From a distance rate, you have to get creative and it might feel a little bit corny at times, but passing on some of those things. Maybe it's calling in if they're if they're having any sort of team huddle. But it's hopefully spaced out. Right. But calling in on a face time and face timing into those meetings with this is this is a time where we get to be creative when we get to use all of our resources. And when you're not in a digital environment, you have to be a little bit more creative. And so I would encourage you to you know, maybe it's writing an e-mail to a floor supervisor and having them read it to the team. Something like that can also continue to help your integrity and your ability.

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