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Bite-Size Insights: How Can Leaders Activate Core Values?

Sep 08, 2020 | 00:00

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Episode Description

On this week’s bite-size, Emplify Co-founder and Chief People Officer Adam Weber joins us to share some tactical insights for activating your company’s core values.

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Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Hey, insights, listeners Nicole here. And thanks so much for joining me for this week's bite-size insights, empowering people, leaders with best in class information in 10 minutes or less as leaders. How often do we treat core values as a feel good exercise, we slap them up on a wall and call it a day rather than a tool to empower our people and culture.

The fact is your employees are living out a set of values, whether you've defined them or not as a leader, it's your responsibility to clarify, align. And most importantly, activate those core values for this week's bite-size amplify cofounder and chief people. Officer Adam Weber joins us to share some tactical insights for activating company's core values.

Now just a quick reminder, be sure to check out season six of insights, we will be featuring a more in depth discussion on core values as well as other topics from Adam's new book appropriately titled lead like a [00:01:00] human. So without further ado, here's Adam to share his tactics for activating core values.

We ask people, do you know your company core values? Oh yeah, here they are. Do your employees know your company core values, and it's so rooted and entry and fundamental in seasons like this operating out of your core DNA is more critical than ever. And without activated core values, your company is likely operating in chaos.

And so how can we create and reinforce the values that make us who we are? And if anything, challenging situations should elevate those values rather than minimize those values. How are you sharing stories of other people inside the org, living out the values? And I love stories because they are powerful and like people resonate, they feel human.

It doesn't feel like. The values are just like a list of bullets. They're not brought to life and [00:02:00] stories, specific examples, bring those values to life. And so how can we collect, gather and share stories of our values being lived? The second is if you want, are doing a refresh of your values, I recommend like actually creating logos for every single value.

That's what we we've done. Little things like if you're fully remote. One of the things we do is we created Slack badges for every single value. And anytime someone accomplishes something that's tied to the value it's integrated in the culture, people put the badge at the end of the post, that sort of thing.

And in the office, if you're back in the office, creating stickers or some sort of a transactional way to acknowledge a person who is living out those values, So again, the idea is how do we make our values three dimensional, as opposed to just being words on a shelf or words in an email recognition tied to those values, which I think is relatively self explanatory.

But then the last one is just a challenge to traditional performance management says, okay, What did you do? Are you doing a good [00:03:00] job? Did you accomplish the tasks that were set before you, but value based performance management says, how did you do it? But so the kind of activating your company values has two, two layers to it.

It's not just about what you do, but it's the way of which you go about it as well. Do you uphold an exhibit, our values as you are accomplishing your goal? Yes. As well.

Thank you for joining this week's bite-size. I hope you learned something new and if there's a topic you want to make sure that we address submit your feedback at That's