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Bite-Size Insights: How Do Leaders Connect Long Term Vision with Short Term Success?

Aug 25, 2020 | 00:00

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Episode Description

On today’s Bite-Size, you’ll hear from Adam Weber, Emplify’s Co-founder and Chief People Officer. He joins to discuss ways leaders can connect a company’s long term vision with short term success.

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Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Hey, insights, listeners Nicole here. And thanks so much for joining me for this week's bite sized insights, empowering people leaders with best in class information in 10 minutes or less. Now today leaders need to find a balance of staying true to their longterm vision while keeping day to day goals fluid in order to adjust to an ever changing landscape. So for this week's bite-size Adam Weber, amplifies co-founder right. People officer joins to share his perspective on this balancing act. Now, just a quick reminder that this Thursday we have our second episode of li like a human, our latest original series from amplify. We'll be featuring a more in depth discussion of purpose.

As we discussed Adam's new book appropriately titled lead like a human. Now here's Adam and how leaders can connect the longterm vision with short term success.

what a vision looks like. It is a vivid narrative written [00:01:00] in present tense based in the future. So our best recommendation is to do that. And five year increments are far enough away that it's like big and audacious, but it will be done. And many people maybe have, have this vision, but maybe it's, it's like sitting a little dusty on the shelf.

This is a good time to refresh and get back in one of your people. What is our noble, why do we exist in the world and where are we going? It should be crystal clear as an organization right now where you're going. And so the best practices I wrote out create a narrative on your idealized future, where your purpose is lived out.

What does the world look like when your company fulfills its purpose? The second is intentionally reinforced, uh, the future. So we're constantly talking about the vision. So anytime in an all company meeting, we want to make sure we're also sharing where we're going. Like we're painting that picture of the future at the end.

And then the way to bring that to life then is work [00:02:00] backwards in name. What are the significant milestones toward accomplishing that vision? What are the things that the rest of the company should expect to see as we're bringing this to life most important right now, because we're a lot of companies are in a really chaotic season.

I would get really specific here on these last three. So what is the very next milestone you're going to accomplish in the midst of this season? What are you going to accomplish? How will you notice celebrate. And just to let people like we are still moving right now, we still have a vision. We still have a purpose.

This season matters right now. And then that gets into the short term, which is really the start. So you start with this big vision, but how do we bring it to life in the short term? What's the next significant milestone? Explain clearly how your short term strategy, what you're choosing to execute on right now, maps to the bigger story.

How did those two things connect? And then the last is create two week goals with them, really clear metrics and celebrate success. I couldn't stress this one enough, like right [00:03:00] now, When challenges are big goals need to be short. So really shorten the goal so that every two weeks, every week we are celebrating the things that are worthy of success.

And for those of you that are at more, the people offs level, this can happen more through your managers and encouraging your managers to do the hard work of their individual contributors of naming what success they hope to see, and then just celebrate like hell when they happen. Like make. It a big deal in the short term, too.

That's how you connect the dots between the longterm vision and the short term success. Thank you for joining this week's bite size insights. I hope you learned something new and if there's a topic you want to make sure that we address submit your feedback at