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[BONUS] Breaking News: Immediate Insights for Managing Your Now Remote Workforce

Mar 13, 2020 | 00:00

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Episode Description

In this special edition of Insights, we are providing tips on how to manage a remote workforce.

If you're looking for more information, you can watch our webinar that aired on Thursday, March 19th, 2020.

Listen to a panel of experts, including our own Adam Weber talking through how to lead in times of uncertainty and answering audience questions.

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Episode Transcription

Hey there insights listeners. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know there’s been some recent transition in our workforce due to the global pandemic, Covid-19. From travel bans to mandatory work from home; many companies are quickly learning what it means to be a remote-friendly culture.
If you’re like me, then you hate working from home. I never seem to find the same rhythm and go stir crazy without the opportunity for social interaction. Let alone the communication breakdowns that threaten speed and productivity.
So, we’re breaking our normal cadence to bring you our tips for how maximize and lead a remote workforce.
First - Turn on your cameras! It's important to keep that face to face presence. Even if it feels uncomfortable, it makes for a better, connected meeting. Leverage zoom or hangouts for all internal meetings (and with clients when you can!). And when video is not an option, Lean into having a call. Embrace conversations vs digital messaging and follow up with great documentation of the discussion that can be shared out to other team members if needed
Communication Cadence
I’m going to call this suggestion 2 as it’s important to adapt this for your team and company, but for managers here’s one suggestion of a communication cadence for your teams:
First, start with a team-wide morning standup every day with your team via zoom (or something similar) to clarify daily goals and priorities, encourage and socialize
Then, Add a short, personal daily check-in (video whenever possible) between each manager and each of their direct reports
Finally throughout the day, check-in. Consistently ask team members how remote work is going and what obstacles they are facing.
Maintaining Culture
Next is how to maintain a sense of culture when everyone is remote. First, be sure to continue to share wins, recognition, and stories among team members in whatever communication tool you use. Its important to keep the rapport alive and strong. Consider creating virtual events like a happy hour or lunch roulette to allow groups of people to still connect throughout the week.
As an executive team, consider company programming you can roll out throughout the week to keep the employees tied to your purpose, core value, OKRs, etc.
Encourage individuals to connect with each other, even for just 15 minutes a couple times a day, to prevent everyone from going stir crazy.
Lastly, I want to share some tips crowd sourced from the team at Emplify around their best practices for working from home.
I get ready in the morning the same way as I do going into the office - I shower, get dressed, have breakfast/coffee, and then get started on work.
Take breaks! It’s easy to feel like you need to be working 100% of the time. Get up, get some coffee, go work out, and be sure to stop for lunch.
Have an end time. You’ll sometimes not stop at the mutually agreed upon “quitting time”, but it’s good to know that it’s ok to stop.
Have a dedicated workspace - some people can work from their couch, and for others that quickly turns into a Netflix session. Carving out space that is comfortable and dedicated allows you to focus and create some boundaries between work time and self time.
While I hope these were helpful, they are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to get even more suggestions, or have questions you’d like answered then be sure to register for our upcoming webinar this Thursday, March 19th from 2-3pm EST. We’ll have a panel of experts, including our own Adam Weber, talking through how to lead in times of uncertainty and answering audience questions. You are not going to want to miss this. To register go to - U N C E R T A I N T Y Yours truly will be moderating and I hope to see you all there. Again that’s U N C E R T A I N T Y