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How Should Leaders Respond to Feedback?

Oct 27, 2020 | 00:00

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Episode Description

As leaders, we expect a lot of ourselves. As humans, we’re going to make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes hurt the team. Hopefully, you’ve built enough trust that when hiccups happen, they feel comfortable pointing them out to you.

On this bite-size, Emplify’s Kham Msiska joins us to share his insights on how leaders should respond when receiving negative feedback.

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Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Hey, Insights listeners, Nicole here. And thanks so much for joining me for this week's bite-size insights, empowering people, leaders with best in class information in 10 minutes or less. Now, as leaders, we expect a lot of ourselves, but as humans, we're going to make mistakes in how we interact with our peers and coworkers.

And sometimes those mistakes are going to hurt the team. Now, hopefully you've built enough trust that when those mistakes happen, your team will feel comfortable pointing them out to you. The question then becomes how do you respond? Well, joining us to offer his insights, is Emplify's own Kham

leadership is going to have to be. Very open, very honest and very vulnerable. And what I mean by that is we have to constantly examine what we do. If I get some feedback that something I did [00:01:00] does have an impact on someone, on a female colleague, right? The answer should never be, well, I'm not sexist, or I don't do this.

It really should be really examining every little thing that you do. So. What is it that I did that made and came out in that way, regardless of whether or not I see you that way. So I think it's really going to have to be, let's check the egos at the door. There's just be really vulnerable and just open.

If I get any feedback that something that I said or did came out in a certain way, I really have to examine it. And even if there's any gray area, I have to be okay. Apologizing. Committing to changing my behavior and then just continue that constant reflection that sometimes that buys the action doesn't facilitate a reflection.

So I think that reflection is going to have to be constant and only in that way, if we grow going forward, thank you for joining this week's bite-size insights and hope that you learn something new and remember to [00:02:00] go to, just to make your feedback on what you want to hear.