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Season 4 Trailer – 2020 Trends Report on Employee Engagement

Feb 19, 2020 | 00:00

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Episode Description

Santiago Jaramillo, CEO of Emplify, shares what you can expect this season on Insights. We’ll be digging into what it means to be a Strategic People Leader while introducing you to one of our own, Adam Weber, Chief People Officer, and Co-founder.

In our four-part series, Adam will share his perspective on the latest employee engagement trends, effective feedback strategies, turnover risks, and how engagement (not satisfaction) is the key and a true driver of business performance. 

We have created additional resources and tools to help take our conversations to the next level. Subscribe to the series and help your employees do the best work of their lives. 

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Episode Transcription

Hi, I'm Santiago Jaramillo. It's good to be with you today. As many of you know, Emplify has been on a journey to inspire and equip leaders in the C-suite and HR through the content on this show.

It's been fascinating as both a listener and participant to reflect on the wide-ranging conversations that we've had. And most of all, hearing some of your feedback that we've recently heard from you, our listeners. What we've learned is that people are still trying to understand how to answer one big question how do we attract top talent while retaining our best performers? But see, attempting to answer this question opens up a Pandora's box of additional questions that we need to ask ourselves first. So for this season, we're going to share some of the best questions that we are hearing business and people, leaders ask themselves and their teams. All while providing you with new perspectives, resources and tools to help you solve for your workforce challenges. It's not just a people problem. It's a tremendously exciting organizational shift that has to happen. What would happened if we were able to consistently create amazing working environments where our employees at the best work of their lives. Work that energizes them, inspires those around them, and ultimately helps them lead their very best lives. All while propelling the business forward. Now, this isn't a too good to be true scenario. It actually all starts with asking the right questions and having productive conversations backed up and guided by insights.

Some of the core themes we're going to dig into are what's the current state of engagement? Understanding the role of the Strategic People Officer, why your best employees are looking for another job and helping employees and you avoid burnout. Then finally, what the actual impact of employee engagement is on your bottom line. We have also created additional resources and tools to help you take our conversations to the next level? Because the reality is your workplace doesn't always measure up to your employees expectations. In light of this, I asked our very own Adam Weber to take on a big role this season. He's Emplify's chief people, officer and co-founder and can shed some light on the challenges we're all facing when it comes to our best and most important resource, our people. So will you join us this season in welcoming Adam to the show?

Subscribe below to never miss an episode. And in the meantime, I'll leave you with this insight today. Seventy three percent of employees surveyed are currently open to a new job opportunity and a third are actively looking for one. I'm curious, are your employees including this percentage? I think we have an amazing opportunity to reduce this number by understanding what they really need and how their experience is coming short of their desired experience. Let's reduce this number by understanding what they really need.