Emplify's Agile Engagement Process

From survey delivery to ongoing analysis, Emplify is with you every step of the way to achieve true employee engagement.

Emplify's Agile Engagement Process

How We Help

We’ve seen it all—and we’ve pulled the best aspects of different survey methods into one agile, six-step process that gives you continuous feedback you can actually use. Our experts help you measure your employee engagement, dig deeper to diagnose problems, and solve your challenges through actionable steps and reassessment for a thriving culture.

The Emplify Process

1. Administer the Survey

Don’t have the time or expertise to confidentially administer a survey? We’ve got this. You’ll get:

  • Communication scripts that prepare your employees for the survey
  • Email and mobile-friendly survey deployment for high response rates
  • A 45-question survey that’s easy to complete in just five minutes
  • Third-party confidentiality your employees can trust
Mobile Employee Surveys

2. Analyze the Results

Once your survey results are available (in days, not months), we’ll provide you with a report that includes your comprehensive engagement score, as well as segmented results broken down by:

  • Location (branch, county)
  • Team (division, department)
  • Tenure (role type, seniority level)
Emplify Scorecard

What Customers Are Saying

“The Emplify survey was very straightforward, very quick, and very user-friendly. Because the survey was anonymous, we felt like we could say things that we wouldn’t say directly to our manager or president—and we knew that they would get that feedback and do something with it.”
Kelley Minnick
Kelly Minnick

Marketing Communications Manager, Student Connections

3. Share the Results

We’ll set up an expert-led delivery meeting to share your results and address problem areas, where you’ll receive:

  • Your custom Emplify Scorecard and report
  • Coaching on what results to share with employees and take action on
  • Communication templates to carefully craft your follow-up employee messaging
Expert Guidance

4. Focused Follow-Up

We don’t stop at annual or even quarterly surveying to get the detailed answers you need to make improvements. We’ll help you pinpoint and address the problem areas in your results by facilitating pulse surveys with questions tailored to specific employee groups for clearer answers.

Mobile Pulse Survey

What Customers Are Saying

“Emplify has allowed me to take a more behind-the-scenes look at what our employee engagement really is versus what I thought it was.”
Steve Hatchel Arbor Homes
Steve Hatchel

VP of Sales and Marketing, Arbor Homes

5. Follow-Up Analysis

Using the data from your focused follow-up surveys, we’ll help you:

  • Identify overarching themes in your results
  • Diagnose clear issues
  • Set up an action plan for diffusing them

6. Implementation

Armed with the right data, you’ll have everything you need to take action, correct problems throughout the company, and make better decisions about your people.

Improev Your Comapny Culture

What Customers Are Saying

“Since receiving our Emplify results, we’ve clarified team roles, coached managers on autonomy, acted on employee feedback, and added more events for increased camaraderie.”
Carly Cox
Carly Cox

VP of Operations, JJR Solutions

Rinse and Repeat

Think you’re done? That’s where most survey solutions get it wrong. Companies are constantly growing, shifting, and reorganizing—meaning your employee engagement should be too. That’s why we believe in an agile approach that continuously reassesses your engagement annually, quarterly, and in the moment for ongoing action and improvement.

Act on Your Engagement Data

We Wrote the Book on Agile Engagement

We’re so passionate about providing leaders with people insights that we wrote a book about it. As experts in employee engagement, we’ve formulated and perfected an agile framework that keeps you nimble and informed for ongoing engagement.

See What Agile Engagement is All About

Unlock true engagement with an agile framework that delivers ongoing insights for the winning culture you’ve been dreaming about.

Emplify Scorecard

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